Scene: Mouse. Four tunnels. Cheese.

Act I:
Place the cheese in tunnel 3. Set the mouse down. The mouse starts down each tunnel from1 to 4, looking for the cheese.  The mouse finds the cheese in tunnel 3.
Act II:
Start the mouse at the beginning, and again it goes down 1, 2 and finds the cheese in 3.
Act III:
The mouse starts at 1 and immediately goes to 3, where  the cheese was last time.
Act IV:
Place the cheese in tunnel 4. The mouse goes straight  to 3, doesn't find cheese. The mouse goes down 3 again, and then starts at 1 to 4, and finds the cheese.
Now the difference between mice and human beings is that eventually the mouse will stop going down the cheeseless tunnel where a human being will go down the same tunnel forever.

Mice, you see, are only interested in cheese.
Human beings care more about going down the 'right' tunnel.

It is belief which allows us to go down a 'cheeseless' tunnel ad nauseum. We go on doing it without any real satisfaction, without nurturing, because we believe that what we are doing is RIGHT.

And we will do this forever, even without the reward (of cheese), as long as we believe in it and can prove that we are in the right tunnel.


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