Sailing Instructions





Sailing Instructions


1                     RULES::

            The regatta will be sailed under the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing of the ISAF (RRS), and the relevant Class rules, unless specifically amended by the sailing instructions and by this Notice of Regatta.

            The regatta will be sailed under the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing of the ISAF (RRS), and the relevant Class rules, unless specifically amended by the sailing instructions and by this Notice of Regatta.

            Handicap results will be determined according to I.S.A.F. Small catamaran handicap rating system


1.1               The Notice of Regatta shall form an integral part of these Sailing Instructions and shall be read in conjunction with them.


2                     NOTICES TO COMPETITORS:

Notices to competitors shall be posted on the Championship Notice Board near the Sailing Office.



Changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted at least 45 minutes before the start of the first race of the day.


4                     SIGNALS MADE ASHORE:

4.1               Signals made ashore will be displayed on a flagpole outside the Clubhouse.

4.2               “AP” - Race is postponed. The warning signal will not be made less than 30 minutes after it is lowered.        


5                     SCHEDULE OF RACES:

5.1               The first race will not start before 14.00 on Wednesday 24th September 2003.

5.2               The start times for subsequent races will be posted on the Championship Notice Board except that when flag “ L “ is being flown by the finishing vessel it indicates that the next race is about to start and all competitors should return to the starting area.

5.3               A maximum of 10 races are scheduled to be sailed. Racing is expected to be completed by Saturday 27th 2003.

5.4               Sunday 28th September 2003 (Spare day) will only be used to meet the minimum requirements of four races for a National Championship. 

5.5               No race will be started after 12.00 on Sunday 28th September 2003.


6                     COURSES:

6.1               The courses to be sailed for each Class will be posted on the Championship Notice Board at least 30 minutes before the first race of any session.

6.2               The specific course to be sailed will be indicated from the Committee Boat.

6.3               Buoys will be left to port. If, however a green flag is flown from the Committee Boat at the start, they are to be left to starboard.




7                     MARKS:

All marks will be large coloured buoys.


8                     THE START:

8.1               All races will be started in accordance with RRS 26 System.

8.2               Prior to the start of every race, competitors are required to sail slowly past the stern of the Committee Boat on starboard tack, to allow the starting officials to record sail numbers. It is each competitor’s responsibility to ensure that his or her sail number has been noted as a starter.

8.3               The starting line will be between the mast on the start vessel and the nearby mark. The buoy and Committee Boat (start) are marks of the course for yachts starting.

8.4               A dinghy tied to the Committee Boat is an extension of the Committee Boat.

8.5               Boats not starting within five minutes of their start signal shall be scored DNC.


9                     THE FINISH:

9.1               The Finish Line will be between the mast of the vessel and the nearby buoy.

9.2               The Finish Mark plus the Committee boat are only marks of the course for yachts finishing.


10                 TIME LIMIT:

Boats failing to finish within 20 minutes of the leading boat will be scored DNF. This amends RRS 35.


11                 ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES:

RRS 44.2 is amended by changing every reference to 720º to read 360º.


12                 SHORTENED COURSE:

In the event of the course being shortened, the leading yacht shall round the next mark of the course and proceed to finish at the finish line. This amends the RRS Race Signals.


13                 PROTESTS:

13.1            Protests, accompanied by a fee of R2.00, shall be handed to the Race Committee within 60 minutes of the last boat finishing the last race of a session.

13.2            The Race Committee shall have the power to extend this time.


14                 DISCLAIMER:

14.1            All those taking part in the regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.

14.2            The organizing authority and all parties involved with the organization of the event disclaim any and every responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods, both ashore and on the water as a consequence of participation in the races covered by these sailing instructions.