Race Report



I had an oppertunity to test the new boat in a regatta held over the 26th and 27th July at Voelvlei Yacht Club. We had a total of 12 Mosquitos in light to medium variable winds.

The upwind performance of the boat is refreshing. The boat is very responsive  with very slight weather helm. I found the boat points well and managed to 'climb' higher upwind while maintaining boat speed compared to the other boats. This might be attributed to the aft rake of the mast and the longer stiffer daggerboards. (picture below)

To my delight the boat was equally responsive downwind and had a neutral helm with the spinnaker up! - even when sailing on a tight beam reach on the triangle section of the course. I can only attribute this to the combination of mast rake, rudder angle and possibly rudder shape (trailing edge tapred forward.)

All the control  lines worked well in the new positions and the mylar sock ensured effortless spinnaker retrieval - which is secured under the tramp and leaves the deck area clear and uncluttered.

We won four out of four races sailed, so I can say quite confidently that the new boat is very quick. With the Nationals just around the corner I will be making changes to my old boat in an effort to get it to perform like the new boat.