October 2002 Mosshap



 Hello there, Y’all,

 ‘Tis getting close to the season to be merry, and your newly elected committee (boring………), is sincerely hoping that they will have cause to be merry, and that they will find a fiberglass mossie under the tree !

Unfortunately, our boat builder was unable to make a mold before the Nationals & let Danie Snyman have the hull he had faired off so he could sail.  MISTAKE !  After some minor teething problems Danie just kept getting faster and faster !

Now the committee has to wrest the hull away from Danie again so the boat builder can complete the mold !

But that’s enough of the committee’s problems.

 No, it’s not !

 Your committee really thought we would have 20 plus boats at this years nationals, especially as it had been moved to Voelvlei to make it more affordable.

However, this was not to be, and we had a total entry of 18 boats. Guys, the reason why we strive for the magic 20, is that the winner can be nominated for W P Colours, which in turn places us on the sailing map in a big way. So you see, it does not matter how much of a rookie you are, we still need your support !

 For your information, the committee was re-elected and is:

Commodore                         Sarel van der Merwe

Vice Commodore                 Kevin Webb

Secretary                              Denis Hofmeyr

Treasurer                               Peter Odendaal

Gauteng Rep                         Steve Mellet



Tuffex 2002 Mosquito National Championships 


21st September 2002 will long be remembered by those 18 skippers & crews who wallowed over the start line at 15h50.

Within the next hour the south easter came up to around 30 knots, with some very hard gusts I felt were in excess of 35 knots. Needless to say the fleet was decimated, with Sarel/Charmain losing their mast, John Walmsley spending time inspecting his new “wing sails” , & then after an unfortunate contact with the rescue boat having to leave his boat on the beach in one of those little bays we like to frequent when we want to be alone………..??

Paul van Alphen tried his best to scare his new crew, Laurel Bramley, by trying to better John’s feat, then Sean Mcdonald tried to do the same with Maryke Braam, but she was not having any of this & hitched a ride back on the rescue boat.

These are just some of the stories – I’m sure there are so many others, that will be told around future campfires.

Just 3 boats finished the race, in 1st place Kevin & Miles Webb, 2nd Peter & Beth Odendaal, & 3rd  Andrew Bonarius & Diane Webb.


Sunday 22nd was blown out, which gave Sarel the opportunity to build a new mast, after he and Kevin had driven to Brackenfell the previous evening to fetch two mast blanks.

It became apparent during the day that ‘most everyone was engaged in “make & mend”, and just as well, because four races were sailed on the 23rd, the day commencing at 11h21 with race no 2 and the last boat of race no 5 in at 17h10.44, being Conrad Scwindt & crew Vangelis Stamatiadis, after performing a beaut of a capsize on the start line. They were one of the teams who had plenty of capsize practice during the regatta.

This regatta was also not to be a happy one for Sarel & Charmain, as in race 5 they, together with Kevin /Miles & Sean / Maryke jumped the start, & while Kevin restarted, the others chose to ignore the recall flag, & were subsequently disqualified. The sad part was that Sarel & Charmain virtually led from start to finish, & were really “cookin”.


After a lekker steak braai, followed by a wee party (dancin’ an all) Tuesday dawned with a north wester blowing.

 The camp woke to the stirring sound of the bagpipes at 08h00 for a hoped for 09h00 start, but we eventually only got away at 12h42 . This is the race where Danie & Gideon Snyman, after winning race 5, had a titanic battle with Steve Mellet & Claudia Richert, with the latter taking 3rd place by 1 second.

There was plenty of close racing, looking at the finishing times, and another 1 second finish was when Abie Lourens & Willem treurnicht  took it from Peter Hall & Shaun Arrowsmith in the 4th

This is what Nationals is all about, building your sailing skills in a competitive atmosphere, with the social side to enjoy as well.

Your committee hopes to see 20 plus at the next Nationals.


Final Results             

1      Kevin & Miles Webb                                 6

2      Steve Mellet & Claudia Richert               14

3      Peter & Beth Odendaal                             16

4      Danie & Gideon Snyman                          21

5      Andrew Bonarius & Diane Webb             25

6      Sarel & Charmain vd Merwe                    30

7      Denis Hofmeyr & Lee-ann vd Merwe      42

8      Sean Mcdonald & Maryke Braam            44

9      Jimmy Syman & Gideon de Villiers         50

10    Abie Loubser & Willem Treurnicht          58

11    Peter Hall & Shaun Arrowsmith               61

12    Garret Hall & Darryn vd Merwe               66

13    Conrad Schwindt & V Stamatiadis            73

14    Vincent Osborne & Jeff Lanlaw                 75

15    Paul van Alpen & Laurel Bramley             82

16    Bryan Macrobert & Claire McDonald        85

17    John Walmsley     (Solo)                             95

18    Etienne Wepener & Christo Brand             95


Overall handicap winner -  Andrew Bonarius / Diane webb

Gold class winner            -  Kevin & Miles Webb

Silver class winner          -   Andrew Bonarius & Diane Webb

Bronze class winner        -   Peter Hall & Shaun Arrowsmith

First Lady                        -  Claudia Richert


Well done, all of you who participated

Also – a BIG thank you to Kim van Alphen in the galley, and all the ladies who mucked in when she had to unexpectedly return home.

(what would we do without you guys ………. Probably starve !!!)


Other news 


We had a good turnout at the Worcester longhaul – Kevin & Diane Webb, The Van’s, The Odie’s, Conrad Schwindt  and Garret Hall & junior Van.

Apart from Conrad, who had the experience of a jib block exploding (terrorist activity), everyone finished the race which was sailed in fair - to strong - to fair conditions.

Kevin & Diane came in 6th , Peter & Beth  7th, Sarel / Charmain 9th & Hall / junior Van 18th out of 28 entries.

Sarel / Charmain, although initially cookin’ and being 2nd at the weather mark, decided to tangle with a tiger and came off second best, as well as upside down.  To their credit though, their final position shows how committed they were and, who knows what they might have done had they stayed right side up … !


And now for some BIG news…………


Kevin & Dianne Webb raced with a spinnaker at the Voelvlei Beerfest regatta on 6/7th October.

What an incredible sight!

It definitely gave them an edge in the longhaul sailed on the Saturday, in pretty strong but flukey North Westerly winds, but then they went and spoiled it by doing a spectacular capsize short of the line, letting  two H16’s and Sarel & Charmain through.

For the record then, Peter & Beth Odie finished 9th, Danie & Gideon Snyman 11th (Late start), Cassie Steyn  20th .

Garret Hall & Junior Van got a Dnf, which was later corrected, but regret I am not sure of their placing.

Conrad Schwindt & crew Ruth did time upside down again and Abie Loubser introduced his good wife to the trials of  Voelvlei sailing, only to have to retire with cramps in his hands after the first round.

The following day saw round the cans racing, with Kevin & Diane showing that the spinnaker can be used in this type of racing.

Looks like we can look forward to another aspect of mossie sailing, however, members should not be concerned that they will have to get a “bag”. The whole project is still in the initial stages & is presently aimed at making the mossie a viable and affordable alternative to the Hobie Tiger, especially price-wise.

AND we are getting enquiries.

 Steve Mellet also reports that he & Claudia showed up the Darts at their first club regatta on the Vaal  with their new mossie. They do seem to have a thing about rudders, though, and apparently Claudia tried to reshape the rudder blade that Steve had worked on all week, with her head ! (after she decided to go out on trapeze without hooking up ?)

 This is the sort of commitment this association seems to breed………

 It is a wonderful boat, is it not !

 For the record the committee are looking at re-vamping our website  -  watch this space……..

 That’s all for now folks.


See you all at the “Tour de Vlei” at Voelvlei on 16/17th November .