May 2003



22nd May 2003



Hi guys,


Committee has decreed I must put out a newsletter  - problem  - I seem to have lost the plot…………….?


Also seem to have lost the results of the SAS Western cape Championships – just so much happening on my computer desk at the moment.


All right, then, will try and re-hash from my memory banks.

11 mosquito’s entered, with 10 eventually taking to the water. 5 of these carried spinnakers and were classified as Formula 16, so unfortunately the class was fragmented, HOWEVER! Did we get noticed.

For the first time people were showing more interest in the Mossie than the Hobies, including the Hobie Tigers. (Hey, mate, I need to get on the water…….But I need you to tell me more………I need to get on the water soon……..what is that fitting used for?…….hey, mate, let go of the rear beam now……….glub, gurgle, wash ish  blurble theshe things shticking down glub, glub ……..)


This was the sort of thing the F16 boats experienced after the first day of racing at Saldanha, I think after Kevin & Diane reached across in front of the start line before the first race, and sailors took note (Hey, looka that !)

Then we all proceeded to reach past the Hobie 16’s in the races that followed, even the three so-called rookie spinnaker sailors, and, as they say in the classics, the rest was history.

For the record, Sarel & Charmain won, with Kevin & Diane 2nd, Steve Mellet & Claudia Richert 3rd and Peter & Beth taking 4th on a tie break with Roley Brown and Darren v d Merwe.


Roley & Darren provided the best entertainment by being caught port & starboard on the finish line by an all lady Hobie 16 team – Darren says “uh, uncle Roley, there’s a Hobie on starboard”.

Roley replies “OK, I see him”

Darren says “ uh, uncle Roley, not that one, this one here”

Roley says “aaaargh! Crash tack!”

And the ladies said “ #@%$&*+!&%#@”


All this happened right on the line, so good entertainment was provided for the bridge crew.


Danie & Gideon Snyman sailed away from the other boats in their fleet, however Conrad Schwindt & Claire McDonald did not allow them to get complacent and finished a very good second. Garret Hall & Wilco sailed very well to edge out Paul van Alphen, with Ken Hall, sailing his first major regatta on his mosquito took 5th.

The final day had a wind switch to North West of 18-20 knots, gusting probably 25, which really woke everyone up. How many of you saw the Hobie Tiger sailed by Mark Kopel coming off on his reach and tip toeing along on his nose for a heart stopping few seconds, before coming back on an even keel, only to race away, and do it properly a few hundred metres further on, checking out his boat on the underside………


Hey guys, this is what it is all about. The more you sail in these regattas, the more you learn, and the more you will enjoy your sailing.


So, we move on to the following weekend at Vogelvlei, where we sailed the annual Solo Challenge.

Once again the five F16’s, sans crew & jib, but still using the spinnaker, and 12 “standard” Mosquito’s, a total of 17 boats. Beautiful!!

Pursuit racing was the handicap method used, with the F16’s giving 18 minutes to the bronze class, but only 3 minutes to the gold class.

Needless to say, with the fickle winds that persisted, Denis Hofmeyr on a silver class boat won the challenge.

Full results as follows:

Denis Hofmeyr             (silver)                          10

Sarel vd Merwe             (F16)                            12

Kevin Webb                   (F16)                            12

Andrew Bonarius           (silver)                          17

Jimmy Snyman              (silver)                          25

Pieter de Villiers             (gold)                           34

Garret Hall                      (silver)                          34

Danie Snyman                 (gold)                           38

Ettiene Wepener              (H16)                           50

Abie Loubser                   (silver)                         53

Paul van Alphen              (silver)                         53

Miles Webb                     (bronze)                       58

Steve Mellet                     (F16)                           60

Peter Odendaal                 (F16)                           66

Jaco Smith                        (H16)                          71

Roley Brown                    (F16)                           73

Francois Cantin                 (bronze)                      86

John Walmsley                  (gold)                          89

Ken Hall                            (bronze)                      93 


Your committee thanks you, one and all for supporting the regatta. It was also good to note how well the juniors fared, especially as they had to fend off the challenge of the spinnakers.

It was a Hofmeyr weekend, as Truida won the Club 50 Grand prize draw, after Sarel & Peter took the participants through a nail biting elimination process.

We still have 13 tickets left to sell for the new season, so don’t be shy, please come forward. Tickets are R120 for individuals or R240 for a business (sorry, no tax perks!)

This is our major fund raising effort, so you are expected to do your duty for the good of the class.

May draw winners were:     3rd) Ken hall, 2nd Peter Odendaal and 1st Bert Collins.


Looking forward, don’t forget the long weekend in June (14-16th) for the Winter Regatta at Vogelvlei. Winter sailing is usually good – just wear a full suit. (in case it rains…….?)


The new season points series will take on a new format, in that it will be called a Traveller points series, and will encompass 4 long hauls, with attendant round the cans racing on the Sunday. The long hauls are:

Vogelvlei long haul

Theewaterskloof long haul

Worcester long haul

Mykenos long haul

(Dates will be advised once they are to hand)


SAS has told us that in future no boat will be allowed to sail without a valid measurement certificate. The committee has decided to issue the required certificates free of charge for all boats built up to July 2002. Thereafter any new boat built will have to be measured as required.

All we require is your name, your boats name and sail number which you should send to Peter Odendaal at or 133 Fagan Street, Strand 7140, or phone on 021-8534473.


Pieter de Villiers has advised us of the End of Season Regatta at Mossel Bay, which will be held on Sunday 1st of June 2003. Should there be enough interest racing will commence on Saturday 31st May.

Skippers meeting will be held at 11h00 with racing not before 12h00 (noon). Entry fee is R20 and as it is a sponsored regatta there are big prizes. For further details contact Di at 044 6904204.

Mossel Bay has warm water sailing, so if you can make it, make the trip. It is worth the effort.


Breaking news !


Steve du Toit has sorted out the innards of the new boat and Kevin tells me the first hull and deck will be bonded tomorrow!

Kevin is hopeful of taking delivery of the first set of hulls for assembly and testing by the end of May. There are already three definite orders for hulls and listen up guys, these hulls are expected to come in under 20 kg ! Gone will be the days of asking everyone around you to” please help me pull my boat out of the water”!


Another snippet for those of you who do not or can not access the Mosquito website – Kevin has been having serious discussions with the Australians, the upshot of which is we are now a link on their website! They are also comparing their spinnaker development with ours, and we believe only good can come of this contact.

Maybe a South African team will go over there again soon?


Last, but not least – National Championships. At this point the dates are set for 24th to 28th September 2003, and the regatta venue Saldanha bay.


Please mark this date prominently in your calendar!


We will keep you updated.



OK folks, my fingers are now worn down to stubs, so cheers till next time.