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NO ! This is NOT a Mosquito !!             -    THIS IS !!  And it is getting better as the

                                                                      spinaker & rig is developed.

                                                                      Check out our website for developments !


26th November 2002


Hi folks,


This is your  Extra Special Christmas edition of  MOSSHAP – that’s right, next year is just around the corner, with lots of sailing to come.


We kick off, however, with the Christmas regatta at Voelvlei. That is the long weekend of 14 – 16th December 2002, which also doubles as the club championships for the Mosquito’s, for, as you may recall we entertained Hobies & Darts for a longhaul at the October Bierfest. … comprende……?


Here are important events for next year:


11 / 12th January 2003                   Strand Longhaul at HHBSC

1 / 2nd February 2003                  - alternate date, Strand Longhaul at HHBSC

8 / 9th February 2003                     VYC Summer Regatta

15 / 16th February 2003                 Longhaul at Theewater Sailing Club

22 / 23rd February 2003                 Cape Point Challenge, FHBSC 

1-3rd March 2003                           Sterkfontein adventure trip

29 / 30th March 2003                      VYC Autumn Regatta

5 / 6th April 2003                            Robben Island Longhaul

18 – 21st April 2003                        SAS WC All Class Championships, Saldanha Bay


Keep this list handy.


As you can see it is a rather full programme, but believe me, we need your support, to keep the resurgence in our class moving.

So, see what you can do to get to as many of these events as possible, but have a serious look at the Strand Longhaul, Cape Point Challenge, Sterkfontein adventure and most definitely the SAS WC Championships. We cannot afford to be upstaged by the Hobies at this regatta and expect 110% entries from you. See the SAS website for entry forms, accommodation forms, NOR etc. If you need to know more contact me, Peter, at 021 853 4473 or 083 2330111.


The new mold. What can I tell you about the new mold. You may have noticed Danie has got his hulls back in one piece, & he is really smoking these last few regattas. If he could keep right side up and start on time then I think we have a serious contender for line honours in the future.


The mold…………….?


Sarel tells me he paid Steve du Toit a visit last week to discuss the laying up, strength factors and a myriad other things that go into producing a light weight but strong, durable boat. BUT  - The mold is finished, with a few minor adjustments to be made. This is the furthest we have come to being able to produce fibreglass boats again, so hold thumbs, cross your legs, do whatever you have to – we hope to have a prototype on the water for testing early in the new year.


Recent results –


Saturday 16th November saw nine Mosquito’s on the water for the “Tour de Vogelvlei”, just beating the darts who had eight entries, and the Hobie 16’s who had four, plus a Hobie Tiger.

The wind was North Westerly again, about 15 knots gusting to 20, which provides those lovely fast reaches at the top section of the vlei & back down towards the “gate” at the land bridge. The downside is the holes on the clubhouse side of the vlei, all the way from the main pump station to the Gouda wall………..up, down, swim, up, down, swim…….ask Danie, he staged a spectacular capsize right in front of the bridge, after being caught in a nasty gust. Not to be outdone, Sarel (backstay) van der Merwe, seeing Charmain being lifted off her bum by the spinnaker, also in a gust, did the usual thing & let go on the mainsheet………..WRONG !! It is a natural reaction but with a spinnaker up your main becomes your backstay and must be kept hard, so the right thing to doe is to bear off. Scary idea, hey, but it does bring the boat under control again.

The result of this little effort was a bent mast, but the next morning, while Sarel was still in dreamland, Kevin, with assistance of Neville Bearpark and some bystanders managed to straighten the mast.


Then the wind went walkabout ………….


I don’t have the actual results (forgot them in my caravan) but Brad Stemmett & JJ Wessels on a Hobie 16 won on line as well as handicap (Kevin & Sarel were rated differently due to having spinnakers), with the Tiger, having broken a jib halyard early on, came in second, then Kevin & Diane, a Dart, then Peter & Junior Van followed by some more Darts, then Paul van Alphen.


Official results & times will be in the next newsletter …………..promise !!!

All in all, a good regatta, resulting in some discreet enquiries from the visiting Hobie sailors about joining Voelvlei ??

Watch this space !!


OK Guys, that’s all for now, but lets see y’all at the Christmas Regatta – it is a long weekend, 14 -16th December. Remember also that Father Christmas usually arrives on the Sunday morning, so don’t forget to bring a small present for your little ones, if you are in that mode…………………?


Your Commodore and his committee would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of you







A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to y'all