Boat Report

Race Report

The new epoxy fiber vacuum bagged Mosquito is finally ready. I have made a number of changes to the boat if compared to the old boat, which is mainly to simplify  the rig and keep costs down.

I have tried to use as many 'off the shelf' components as possible so that they are easily accessible to anyone putting a boat together, as well as to get an accurate costing of such a project.

Sparcraft were used to manufacture the new diamond spreaders, dolphin striker and mast step. These are all made out of aluminum and are light and strong.

HPIM1783.JPG (103003 bytes) HPIM1785.JPG (75365 bytes)

You will see a major change to the stainless steel tie. I have replaced the 50mm x 2.5mm stainless flat bar with a 6mm grade 316 stainless round bar. Not only is this safer and neater, it is also cheaper and easier to fit. This does not comply with the class restrictions and will have to be adopted.

The next major change is the trampoline. Instead of using tracks to secure the tramp, I have used a cable. Once again it simplifies the fitting and reduces the cost as only four saddles are used. The tramp is secured in a track (cut into the front beam) at the front and tensioned at the back with rope lacing. The lacing is taken around to the back of the beam over 8 spaced pop rivets. (no saddles) This configuration may also need to be sanctioned as an interpretation of the rule 'tramp may not go over the hull' could be render it illegal.

HPIM1787.JPG (86818 bytes)HPIM1788.JPG (63854 bytes)HPIM1789.JPG (81290 bytes)HPIM1786.JPG (83040 bytes)

The traveler has been built into the rear beam. I have used a Hobie 16 traveler car which is far cheaper than the Ronstan traveler track and car. It also looks more finished and professional and works very effectively. The boom is made out of 50mm aluminum pole which I reinforced at the back. The main sheet block is secured with a nylon strap around the boom. The clew has no eye, only a nylon strap stitched to the sail which fits around the boom, and a small strap to secure the main outhaul. I have used a 4:1 purchase which allows me to adjust outhaul while fully tensioned. 

HPIM1780.JPG (104117 bytes)HPIM1781.JPG (90797 bytes)HPIM1791.JPG (99748 bytes)HPIM1782.JPG (72850 bytes)

The downhaul is a 7:1 purchase onto a single swivel cleat at the base of the mast. This can be controlled from the trapeze.

I have only sailed the boat once which went very well. The boat is VERY stiff and light. I found the helm to be responsive and almost neutral upwind. All the gadgets worked so I am looking forward to testing the boat over the next couple of weeks.