August 2003



August 2003


Hi folks,


The above is designed to fill as much of the page that I think will not be too obvious, as this is the winter Mosshap, and there is just not much news………..


However, I sometimes wonder if anyone reads these newsletters, as not one of you has responded to our request to provide your name, boat’s name and sail number, to enable us to issue you with a measurement certificate, (FREE OF CHARGE, NOGAL!).


Seriously, guys (and gals), the time is coming when you will not be able to join in the racing unless you can produce a valid measurement certificate, so get your asses in gear and send me that info at, or phone me on 021 853 4473.


Club 50


June winners:   Gideon Snyman           3rd

                         Bert Collins                  2nd

                         Darren vd Merwe        1st


July winners:    Francois Cantin          3rd

                          Dennis Hofmeyr         2nd

                          Janet Brown               1st


Congratulations - Your cheques are in the mail

We still have 12 tickets left to sell, so if you can sell for us, please do so. Remember, the funds raised go to promoting your class, and also to keeping costs down when it comes to the major events.


Important dates to diarise:


16/17th August            V Y C Opening Cruise

30/31st August            Spring Regatta                                                -    V Y C

6/7th September          Multihull Points series 1                                 -    Mykenos

24 /28th September      Mosquito Nationals                                      -   Saldanha Bay

4/5th October               Multihull Points Series 2 / October Beerfest   -   V Y C

1/2nd November           Multihull Points Series 3                                 -   F H B S C

15/16th November       Tour de Vlei                                                     -   V Y C

29/30th November        Multihull Points Series 4                                 -   Worcester Yacht


The most important date of course, is the Nationals. Lets make this the year that we make that important breakthrough & have 20 plus boats. It is extremely important if we want our class to move forward, especially in light of all the new developments.


Plastic versus Marine Ply


Kevin Webb, who has undertaken to fit out and test the prototype, launched the new “plastic” boat at Vogelvlei Yacht Club recently. For those of you who have not seen it yet, log on to the Mossie website, and add the site to your favourites.

THEN proceed to peruse & ogle the new boat, which has had a number of innovations incorporated which has not only made it lighter, but also less costly.

For the record, Kevin won all four races in varying conditions at the Winter Frostbite Regatta at VYC, so your committee seriously thinks we have a winner here.

Sarel & Steve Mellet took the boat out after racing on the Sunday and were suitably impressed, claiming it was the boat and not Kevin’s sailing skills that won him the races…………….watch this space!


Contact any committee member if you require more details.


Tuffex Mosquito Catamaran National Championships


Our main event is almost upon us, and we seriously suggest you okes get your asses in gear and book your campsites, hotels, B & B’s or wherever you intend dossing down, as we have been told there is a major church conference taking place at the same time, and ALL the fantastic bungalows at the Municipal camp have been booked. (Believe that when I see it)

Sleeping under your boat on the beach is not only not allowed, but will more that likely be rather chilly……

Notice of Race will be going out soon, together with the programme of events ---hope to see y’all there. (Andrew, Sean, Willem? Haven’t seen you guys on the water for some time now, what gives?)


See you at the Opening Cruise on the 16th August!