From Chester, we headed east to expore the northen parts of Wales... an area of great natural beauty, but also with a long and intriguing history...

Snowdonia: 12 June 2001

We travelled through some spectacular scenery to Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales at about 1085m. Unfortunately the peak was covered in mist, which ruled out a ride on the historic rack railway. We proceeded to meander along narrow hilly roads, and the scenery was truly spectacular.

Reflections on Llwyn Gwynant

We stopped at a pub in Waunfawr for lunch. Peter spotted smoke and steam rising over the embankment, and hastily investigated further - only to find a genuine South African Railways narrow gauge Garret steam locomotive ready to depart! South African rolling stock was imported by a group of enthuasists and now runs along a preservation line.

Caernarfon: 12 June 2001

Having enjoyed the Welsh countryside, our next stop was the coastal town of Caernarfon. The main attraction in Caernarfon was the castle, dating back to 1283. The castle is striking in terms of its size, and the imposing nature of its towers and battlements. Inside the castle walls, we learnt about the functions that the various rooms would have served, and the history of the various constructions.

Caernarfron Castle

Our accomodation that night was in the small town of Corwen, where was enjoyed our second "more upmarket" bed and breakfast. The house had a long history, with the owners able to trace back occupancy of the house to about the 1200's, whilst the cellar dates back to about the 500's.

A quick introduction to Wales... but enough to convince us that it would be well worth a further visit at a later stage!

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