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Welcome to Peter and Linda's overseas website! This is our online scrapbook, in which we record highlights of our trip to the UK and Europe in May/June 2001. So linger a moment, and share some happy memories with us...

Our travelling companians for the trip were our friends Deon and Verna. The schedule that we set for ourselves was fairly demanding for a three week holiday with our main objective being to see as much as possible.

The tour itinerary was as follows (click on the links to read more!):

* 26 - 27 May 2001: London
* 28 May - 3 June: Europe
* 4 - 5 June: Lincoln, York
* 6 - 8 June: Scotland
* 9 - 10 June: The Lake District
* 11 June: Chester
* 12 June: Wales
* 13 June: The Cotswolds
* 14 - 15 June: London

All too soon, the three weeks had flown by and we were on our way home. We had found some time for relaxation, been exposed to a variety of cultures, broadened our historical knowledge and (most importantly) had a ball in the process!

Till next time.... farewell!

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