Scenes of peace and tranquility, fresh air, walks... the Lake District has it all! From Scotland, we headed south to the Lake District. Travelling via Ullswater, we had a scenic introduction to the Lake District, eventually arriving at our destination, Windermere.

Windermere: 9 - 10 June 2001

A quick visit to the tourist information centre, and we located some good suggestions on activities around lake Windermere. Having spent a fair amount of time travelling in the car, we decided that we would walk, catch ferry's, etc as far as possible - in fact we did not use the car at all during our stay.

We were fortunate in that many of the walking trails closed due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic has been re-opened the week of our arrival. On the first afternoon, we took a stroll along the shores of the Lake, returning to the town via the "Sheriff's Walk". We returned back to Windermere just in time for a quick pint at the Queen's Arms pub.

The main activity the next day, was a ferry trip from Bowness to Lakeside and a steam train ride from Lakeside to Haverthwaite. We took a leisurely stroll down to the ferry at Bowness (just outside Windermere), and boarded the ferry Teal. It was lovely to sit on the upper deck of the ferry, and admire the passing beauty of lake Windermere. About half an hour later we arrived at Lakeside.

View of Lake Windermere from Lakeside

The steam train was waiting at the Lakeside station. It is a fairly short railway that runs up to Haverthwaite and back. Soon we were on our way, and enjoying some different scenery of the area. Upon our return to Lakeside about an hour later, Linda got chatting to the engine drivers, and charmed her way into a short ride in the cab of the steam engine - a first for her!

Linda chats up the train driver!

Lakeside has an aquarium that provides an interesting background to the aquatic life of the Lakes. An underwater tunnel provided an unusual perspective on the fish and ducks that live in the lake!

We returned to Windermere by ferry, and decided to take a stroll along the shore of the lake with Deon & Verna. Along the way, we found a suitable sheltered strech of shoreline, and enjoyed some liquid refreshment!

More red wine!

We thoroughly enjoyed the natural experiance of the Lake District, and can easily understand how the area was so inspirational to the poet Wordsworth. All too soon, however, it was time to move on again....

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