Chester is sometimes described as the gateway to Wales, and this is exactly what it was on our trip. Having travelled from the Lake District, our next stop was the historic town of Chester.

Chester: 11 June 2001

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Chester. We started with a stroll along the streets of Chester. The streets are significant in two areas. First, many of the buildings have historical significance, dating back to the middle ages. Second, the buildings feature unique double story shop frontages - one can walk along many of the roads on a second level pavement! The ladies enjoyed browsing through the shops... and to be honest, so did the guys!

Linda admires the streets of Chester

For lunch, we stopped in at a fascinating pub, Watergates, situated in one of Britain's oldest crypts. From the pavement, it all looks very dark. Venture down the steps, and one finds the crypt, which is dated at about 1190. A most unusual setting!

Another historically significant feature of Chester, are the medieval walls that surround the town. Guide book in hand, we set about walking the walls, and were intrigued by portions of the wall that dated back to Roman times, including evidence of a Roman quay. Chester is the only town in Britain where the old city walls have been preserved intact.

Our friend Liz had very kindly offered to put us up for the night. It was great to catch up with a good friend. After a long period of B&B's and pub food, we really enjoyed a good home cooked meal!

The Cottrell's, Botha Richards and Liz Scarr in the centre!

Chester - a historical town, and also home to a good friend. Unfortunately with a trip of this nature, however, the clock does not stop and it was once again time to move on!

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