Something about me

Life in Cape Town
I don't really know what to put here. So here goes.
I was born 7 November 1970 in Cape Town, South Africa.
Living in Cape Town is really awesome.
This is a country that has so much potential. Since I am not into marketing... please visit some site that will promote SA...
I have 1 brother Adriaan, he stays in Kroonstad, South Africa. He has 2 daughters...
This is the part I run out of ideas...
Work Related
I develop software for a system's house called BSW Data I develop software useing Visual C++ Version 5 & 6, Delphi Version 3 & 4, Modula, Pascal and Borland Builder. I only use Windows NT Version 4 to develop in. I started my career working for Grinaker Electronics Systems (GES). While at GES, I developed a realtime vehicle tracking system. This system could use variuous communication mediums(x.25, VHF, Cell, trunking etc.) to do realtime vehcile tracking. Then one sunny morning (was a Monday), I came to the conclusion that GES is really ripping me off... I decided to do something about it, after speaking to management and realizing that I have just wasted my time. I resigned !!! I then decided to work for a company that has vision !!! So, then after speaking to various people I heard of a company that is called BSW Data (weird name, hey ?), I called them up and a few days later I started working for them.

At that time in my life I never realized that, quiting GES was the best decision I could have ever made. (and people tell you that you must be happy to have a job. BOOOOO !!!) Working for BSW Data has really opened my eyes in the way software should be developed. (Anderson, go and cry your eyes out !!!) BSW Data is not only dynamic company, but they really get things done. Their is never a dull moment !!! I started when the company was still small(+- 50 people), but in the last year, it has grown like its going out of fashion !!! Sometimes people worry about growth, but I think its the way to go... the bigger, the better !!! I have developed various projects for BSW, I suggest you view my CV for details...

I am planning to go to the USA next year and increase my skills. Just for the record, I am not following the "Chicken Run", ever hear of the "Brain Drain" ???? Well boys and girls, hopefully oneday some people in this country will wake up and realize that the "Brain Drain" is actually happening !!! One thing that really &^%%*&%*&(&& me off, is when people say "what you can do for your country..., isn't it time we say : What is the country doing for me ?", well here in SA, probably NOTHING !!! Then the "clever" ones always say : "Why don't YOU do something about it ?" ... well all I have to say : " no problem, I will do everything I can, where I am wanted, and I am not wanted here..."
I have various interrests, but normally $$$$ is a huge factor !!! I love sailing. Since I can't afford the REAL thing currently I have started sailing smaller Radio Control yachts. The boat I sail is a Whitebreed 60. No, not the real thing, this "toy" is about 1 meter long. It fits nicely into my car. Talking about cars... have you got a BMW Z3, Lamborgine Countach or AC Cobra for me ? Now that's what I call a car !!!! Did I mention I will wash, clean and look after it really nice ? This is the part I run out of ideas... bla bla bla

I need coffee !!!!