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    Well here is my attempt at makeing the page desired by certain clan members. Thanks to CU and a great "CU's News" page and the source of my insperation for this page (and a whole lot of HTML checking ie: how the f*** did he do that )
    Well this is not ment to be the main page, but seeing as everyone else is takeing such an age to make their portions of the site (and pay their dues toward the purchase of the domain) i decided to upload the members page, but that looked rather crummmy sitting there alll on it's lonesome so i decided to make a front page. But boy did that look crummy. So i looked at how other ppl designed their pages and decided i did not know wtf i was doing. messages all over the place, (Yes this is an unfinished paragraph: I forgot what I was thinking) 
    So now all the rest of u that are takeing your time to make the front page DO NOT PANIC. I am not trying to take your page away or any other such stuff. I am just makeing a front page to my little mebers page, u can still make your pages. 
    We had a game at JaBaLSaD's house this past sunday. It was fun, instead of rankings and results thought of a fun factor rateing between 1 and 5, due to a fried hub and teeething problems encounterd, but quiet a bit of quake play and demo watching, i thought 3/5.
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