Condition Monitoring System
We are the Natal Agents for the Einstein Condition Monitoring System. This system is a world first in offering the following:
* Fully integrated Windows based (3.1, 95 & NT) Maintenance Management Software
* Combining Ultrasonic, Audio & Vibration (ISO RMS) readings.
* Upgradeability to full spectrum analysis (FFT)

Intergrated Software
The fully integrated software (MMS) offers:
* Data analysis and interpretation
* Customised Management reports, which include:

- Graphical representation of bearing conditions
- Exception Report, highlighting danger levels for immediate action
- Status report for management, providing overview & analysis on status of plant
- A report monitoring staff efficiency in taking readings
- Statistics on the percentage of machines being monitiored or not monitored

Ultrasonic, Audio & Vibration
The advantages of combining Ultrasonic, Audio & Vibration (ISO RMS) are as follows:
* Obviate the need for purchasing seperate units
* Intergrates management reports on all types of readings
* Automatically determines the nature of the reading required
* Detects leaks in seals

Modem / Internet Support
Modem / Internet support offers:
* Instant access to expert advice, analysis and interpretation through the Internet.

The system is upgradeable to full spectrum analysis (FFT). This affordable option allows technology to grow with your Company's requirements and budget.

Uses and Benefits
Condition monitoring on all rotating plant.
* Checking of hot connections, loose windings, etc.
* Checking for leaking valves, solenoids etc.
* The implementation of condition monitoring using Ultrasonic and Vibration analysis enables advanced levels of predictive maintenance. This will predict failure before it occurs, thus saving you up to 90% of the cost of repair. It eliminates unplanned downtime and production loss.

The system may be purchased outright or it may be leased on an annual contract. The service may also be contracted out. We will come an do monthly inspections and take readings for you, downloading the results, together with our recommendations, via the Internet.

We, at Preventative Maintenance Services, pride ourselves in prompt, reliable and efficient service. We are a Customer focused Company who believe in doing the job right the first time. We belive that through the technical expertise and wealth of experience of our complement of dedicated staff, we will continue to be effective and competative in the market.
In short, we are committed to predictive and preventative maintenance in all spheres. Managers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity. If you wish to be competitive on the National and International fronts, increased productivity is essential. If your plant is not conforming to the 90:7:3 formula, you need to see us. (90% Availability, 7% Planned Outages, 3% Forced Outages).