We install and commission Transformers, H.T Cables and Switch Gear.

We are privileged to be able to name the following leading Companies among our many satisfied clients:

Durban Corporation, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, The Mondi Group (Merebank, Felixton and Richards Bay), South African Petroleum Refineries, Richards Bay Minerals and Alusaf Richards Bay.

Hydraulic & Lubrication Oil
We specialise in lubrication and hydraulic oil purification. We manufacture oil purification and transfer rigs in different configurations, with flow rates from 200 to 2500 litres an hour.

These rigs come complete with built in protections and can handle fluids with a viscosity between 10 and 350 Cst. The rigs may be powered by 220V, 380V or 550V. The rigs are designed to be operated unmanned.

These rigs may be fixed or portable, depending on the clients requirements.

John's Filters are the agents for the unique patented Chainings filter medium. This filter represents a major advance in fine filtration protection levels.

This filter element is made from lignin free hydophilic pure alpha cellulose. They are derived from a naturally renewable resource. Apart from the ecological and economic benefits of conserving oil products and prolonging component life, the raw materials are environmentally friendly.

This filter will remove solid contamination above 1 micron. The filter will also remove all aqueous based contaminants.

It has been proven that between 70 & 85% of all hydraulic and lubrication oil failures are due to particulate contamination - with up to 90% of these failures due to abrasive wear.

In 40 liters of used lube oil there are typically 2 millard invisible wear particles of 1 micron plus. It is accepted that even unused oil is contaminated by solids - typically meeting only ISO 4406 16/11 cleanliness standard. This translates into potentially damaging and costly wear.

With the Chainings filter media, oil has been cleaned to ISO 4406 10/6 in internationally validated tests supported by a major oil supplier. The norm is better than ISO 4406 13/10.

Cleaning oil to this level, and keeping it clean can prolong the life of the oil by up to eight times. Although the cost savings can be substantial, by far the greater saving comes about from reduced wear and tear and improved reliability.

Currently employed on engine lubrication, fuel systems, transmissions, hydraulic circuits, hydrostatic drives and a wide range of mechanical and electrical engineering applications, this innovative filter has been adopted by many of the world's leading operations.

Successful applications are working today in Rail, Food Processing, Aviation, Mining, Marine, Heavy Plant, Trucking, Power Generation and Metal Production.

Several South African customers are already enjoying the benefits of this system: Eskom, Alusaf, the Mondi group, the Illovo group, Sapref and the Sappi group to name but a few.

We manufacture oil transfer and purification rigs for a wide range of applications. The prices of these rigs vary dependent upon the clients requirements and budgets.