We carry out Purification of insulating, hydraulic and lubrication oils. We offer this service both on and off line.

We have carried out on line purification on Transformers with voltages as high as 400kV and regularly purify 132kV Transformers on-line.

On-line purification enables our customers to save on Down Time and Production Losses with the resultant large savings.

We believe that predictive maintenance is an intergral part of Transformer care. The results of the tests, being done by an independent laboratory, enable us to have a better insight as to what processes are taking place within the transformer. We can then plan the maintenance accordingly. The following tests are carried out on oil samples: Water Content, Acidity, Dielectric Strength and Dissolved Gas Analysis.

To ensure the safety of apparatus and personnel, it is essential that Dissolved gas Analysis is carried out before purifying Transformers on load.

When purifying a Transformer it is Company policy to reduce the water content to a maximum of 10ppm and increase the dielectric strength to a minimum of 75kV. We test for these results on site through the use of our own Karl Fischer Tester. However, we prefer to have after-purification tests done by an independent laboratory.

All Purification is carried out in accordance with I.E.C STANDARDS. We use a high vacuum and Coalescer type system. We do not use thse common Centrifuge type system as it is not recommended for use in Transformers. All our Purification machines are manufactured by an international company who are world leaders in Purification and Regeneration of insulating oils. All our Purification machines have serial numbers and test certificates.

Tap Changer Protections
We have designed and developed a filter system for Transformer tap changers that breaks down the wear chain by removing the carbon and maintaining the dielectric strength in the insulating oil. This extends the maintenance intervals and vastly improves the reliability and safety of these costly components.

Transformer Drying Out
We manufacture and install drying out units on Transformers. Where a Transformer is very wet, purification will remove the water from the oil. However, the water in the paper will be released back into the oil as the Transformer reaches equilibrium. The dry-out unit will successfully remove the water from the oil.

These dry-out units are also of benefit to clients that have persistent moisture problems in Transformers. The unit will keep the Transformer dry and maintain the dielectric strength of the oil.