Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Kothuis

‘One person with passion is more powerful than 40 people with interest’

Johannesburg, May 1998

Personal Details

NAME:    Thomas TLJ Kothuis

RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: 33 Clieveden Avenue, Auckland Park, Johannesburg

POSTAL ADDRESS:  PO Box 1064, Melville, 2109, South Africa

CONTACT TELEPHONE:  +27 82 650 4020                    E-MAIL:

HOME TELEPHONE:  +27 11 482 4287                         HOME FAX:  +27 11 482 4287

DATE OF BIRTH:  26 March 1970                                 NATIONALITY: Dutch

DRIVERS LICENCE:  Yes                                                SCHOOLING:  RK Scholengemeenschap
                                                                                   Marianum, Groenlo, The Netherlands

Academic Qualifications:

1997 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) qualification at PinPoint Training in Johannesburg.
        Currently in study: attended 5 tracks. Planning to write all papers before end of September 1998.

1994 – 1998    Mast management skills and development course modules, including
        Basic and Advanced Selling Skills, Communication Techniques,
        Negotiation Skills, Time Management, Project Management, TaskTimer for
        Windows, Group Effectiveness, Train the Trainer.

1994     Zulu for Beginners Course at Rand Afrikaans Universiteit

1993    Small Business Propaedeuse - Haarlem Business School
            Subjects: Dutch, English, Small Business Management, Marketing, General
            Economics, Business Economics, Project Management

1990    Diploma Middelbaar Economisch en Administratief Onderwijs MEAO)
            Subjects: Dutch, English, German, IT Management, Economics,
            Accounting, Mathematics

1987    Diploma Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (HAVO)
            Subjects: Dutch, English, Economics, IT Management, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Computer skills:  Win95, Win NT4.0, MSOffice97, Accpac, Netscape Communicator, various Internet utilities

Interests:   Scuba diving, Squash, Travel

Employment history:

1994 to CURRENT  General Manager, Mast Commercial Operations (Pty) Ltd - Time/system
South Africa

1994 – 1996  Managing Director and 95% shareholder of Software & Multimedia Distributors (Pty) Ltd

1994    General Manager, BAT Software (Pty) Ltd

1993-1994 National Sales Manager / General Manager, National Circulation Services
(Pty) Ltd (Times Media Ltd company) - Edusub

1991-1993   IT Assistant, Haarlem Business School

Work Experience:

General Manager – Time/system

Time/system is a distributor of an International company specialising in making individuals, teams and organisations more effective, via the supply of management training, ring bound paper planning systems and software programmes.

I was headhunted by MAST (the owners of the distribution licence for Time/system) to join their operation as Sales Manager for the Time/system division at the end of 1994, and was promoted to General Manager in October 1995.

When I joined Times/system as Sales Manager, there was no sales force or proactive activities. And due to an internal Group cash-flow situation, no investment was available for resource, or marketing activities. There was no time to waste - especially for a company specialising in time management! I drew sales enthusiasm and determination and came up with imaginative yet realistic activities to maintain and grow customer satisfaction and sales in this challenging situation..

When appointed as General Manager, my immediate activity was to initiate a complete audit of the operational side of the business. This thorough but prompt action confirmed that Time/system did not have an infrastructure to allow growth. So, my first task was to restructure and/or invent an entire internal efficient and effective operation. This included the invoice systems, sales control, marketing database, user registration, telephone system stock control.

This project involved more than a new set of processes. It involved change, including people and attitudes.  Skills gap analyses were made with existing staff and a training and development programme put together. And as a certificated trainer of a selection of the Mast courses, a proportion of this was implemented by myself smoothly and cost effectively.

This activity and restructure did have a cost saving effect, which allowed for some investment in other area’s. It was urgently required, successful and consuming - however the main focus on the customer and sales activities was never lost.

Today my main responsibilities include:
* Ultimate responsibility for operation
* General management of division
* Liaison with Head Office in Denmark
* Creating awareness and branding
* Initiating, implementing and analysing product and market research
* Strategic planning
* PR agency liaison
* Marketing activities and sales management
* Budget control (R4 million turnover)
* Attending international conferences and liaise with colleague distributors from around the world
* Planning & control of production stages of printing of Annual Update with Singapore printers
* Hands on project work such as : Setup of Internet infrastructure
* Oversee design and structure of WWW shop (check it out: )
* Restructure of stock infrastructure and control
* Sales personnel and administration personnel selection
* Sales recording & monitoring
* Customer service management
* Key account management
* Stock control
* Staff management, motivation and development
Sales Manager – Mast
* Control sales environment for two divisions
* Key account management
* General administration
* Stock control
Managing Director – SMD
* Final responsibility for entire operation
* Long term strategy
* Acquire new distributor rights from publishers overseas
* Staff training
General Manager – Bat Software
* Responsible for day-to-day running of business and four members of production staff
* Reps training & selection
* Sales recording & monitoring
* Sourcing of new products internationally
* Strategic planning
* Budget control
* Restructuring of Head Office & regional offices
National Sales Manager - NCS
* Reps training & selection
* Sales recording & monitoring
* General administration
* Managing design and production of promotional material
* Liaison with suppliers and clients
* Coordination of direct marketing campaigns
 IT Assistant
* Responsible for day to day running of two network systems (140 users)
* Helpdesk management
* Minor technical repairs
* Teaching of MSDOS, Wordperfect 5.1, EXCEL 3.0 courses

Summary and end note
I have the personality and communication skills that are a key factor in the success and atmosphere of
my current company and believe that I have a work attitude like no other when it comes to effort and time.
My experience with Time/system will make me a champion on effective and efficient organisational structures
and individuals.

I know I am a real asset to any organisation and will not accept a position of which I know that I will not be
able to make a difference.

Johannesburg, May 1998