On 14-18 Dec six of us went up the East Coast and walked the Otter Trail. This was Brians sixth time doing the trail, so it must be good ! We set off with very heavy packs ( incl bats & ball,diving gear, kites, 60 beers & 6 bottles spirits). We were extremely lucky with the weather and managed plenty of diving, etc.
Here we are near the start at one of the waterfalls.
This Pic is of the six of us at the Lottering mouth hut. At the back is Theo, Liz and Deon. In Front is Alistair, Brian & Pete. This hut is perched on the rocks at the mouth of the river.
This Pic was taken on the last night. We still had a good supply of drinks and had yet another dinking evening. Liz made supper at this hut and was voted the best meal of the trip !