This is the page where you can place your ideas, and suggestions on RWC 99 sports game by EA.
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Here are some of my own suggestions:

Super 12-club competition.


Five/six Nations competition.

Strengths and weaknesses and team play attributes.

Different styles of play for each country.

Different stadiums.

Must have briliant playability. RWC's playability was very good.

In scrums, any team can't just push any team. It must depend on the strengths of the teams.

Accurate player stats and photos.

Squads of 36 for a touring squad. Must be able to choose national squad from the provincial squads.

Bone-crunching tackles, from players who can deliver bone-cruching tackles.


Have good commentry and sound track.

With commentry don't cut corners, must have full names of all players.


It must have training.


Man of the match/Season.

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Here are some of your suggestions:

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