RWC 95: The Review
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EA's Rugby World Cup 95 was a game that I was in huge anticipation of and I was NOT disappointed when I installed it to my pc and ran the game!

When I started the game It comes on with a great opening section of video clips and music and introduces the game quite well. When you come to the main menu you have a number of options to choose from, including whether to play a friendly, league, world cup or world cup 95(Same teams in 95 World Cup), demo, load a game or view replays. You can also pick teams for friendlies there and customise your weather and pitch conditions, decide your half length, game type(whether to play action or simulation), decide whether to play off-sides, and also other options like to show a clock and also toggle sound and commentary on and off.

As I got to trying out a game(Friendly!) after feeling my way around the options,I chose my key configuration from 3 different options,(I was a bit disappointed that I could not configure my own!), and then I came across the disappointment of finding that the squad was made up of only 15 players and therefore no choice of who to put in my team! After the shock of that I thought I better play a game and see how the gameplay was, instead of wallowing over the team selection failings of EA.

As I went onto the field for the first time and after I had done the toss to see whether I was going to kick off or not, I started to play and was beaten all ends up by the flamboyant, powerful play of the Romanians against me, The Springboks!! But instead of discouraging me, that loss rather encouraged me because it meant that I wasn't going to master this game so easily.When I had my first penalty kick at goals I got a horrible surprise from the so-called SUPER vga kicking mode, with ugly black lines all over my screen that obscured my view of the posts and led to a lot of guesswork when it came to finding the posts! This problem persisted after numerous attempts to rectify it in various ways until I decided on vga mode which in most cases just showed you and not the posts, and so some more guesswork of where to kick! Another problem I came across is that in the scrum, you can play as any team and still push the opposition pack, whether it be New Zealand, South Africa or England, you can still push them back, I hope this is changed in the 99 game so that they can push another team, on merit of strength and technique, and nothing else!

The Hardest part of the game I found is tackling, getting in there and delivering crunching tackles(South African Style!) was quite a mission to master but once I got into it, it came quite easily. If you can tackle and turn the guy then you can win the game quite easily but it was good that there was that learning curve in it. Another thing in the game that I find quite hard is initiating a rolling maul and using the ball in the forwards and not just using the backline all the time!

After the game I looked at the statistics and found that they were quite disappointing in their presentation and I personally feel that at the end of every game their should be a whole match report on possession, territory and all the other aspects involved in summing up a match, instead of just going to a menu and then having to go to a different screen to see the information you want.

After winning my first World Cup I got a nice surprise with the ending sequence of all my team members getting to lift the Web Ellis Trophy. However nice that was, I really feel that there was a lack of competitions in that game, no 5-Nations, Tri-Nations, no Hong Kong sevens and also no Super 12 or club competitions, I really hope that in the next game there will be a big improvement in this department of the game!

Apart from all these drawbacks that have been pointed out I would just like to say that this was and is a very enjoyable game to play and I would just like to commend EA on this effort. A highly addictive game to play and a great enjoyment every time I feel like kicking some English, All Black and Aussie butt!

Pro's: Very addictive

Great Gameplay

Good commentary

Great, simple look

Cons: Bad scrum, power logic

No multiplayer mode

Svga kicking mode not so good

Not enough competitions

Can't really injure anyone!

Only 15 guys in a squad

That was my review of EA's Rugby World Cup 95, If you have any comments then please feel free just to send me a mail by pressing the "Contact Me" button.