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Key Features


Dedicated Hardware Acceleration.

3d Polygonal, Motion Captured and Motion Blended players.

Individual facial mapping for all the players.

Individual player scaling, so every player will have the correct size and build.

Animated facial textures.

Full 3d Virtual Stadium with unlimited camera perspectives.

Network games with up to 30 players.

Interactive Broadcasting.

Dynamic 3D sound.


Analogue controls for maximum responsiveness.

Force Feedback support.

Set plays from line outs and scrums as well as on the fly plays that can be called at any time.

Interactive coaching mode:

Unique play control mode allows you to switch control to a receiving player ahead of the pass being made and call for the ball.

Multiple options to configure rucks, scrums and mauls enabling the player to determine the "flow" of the game.

Real Time "Team Level" controls enabling the player to switch to a mode where they can manage the entire team on the fly rather than just the Player in Possession.

TV Style Presentation:

Full Play-by-Play commentary.

Loadable and Savable replays which can be posted on the internet.

"Active Crowds".

Real international stadiums.


Individual player names, portraits and statistics.

Individual player models, facial textures, animations and statistics identifying every player.

Release Date: July 1999

Information supplied by Sports Gaming Network UK/Australia