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Heres a bit about me

Hey, How are all of you Surfers Doing?

Well Heres a bit about me: I'm about 5.11 in height. My name Cliffy(Call me Cleve).I have a boet by the name of Adam and a sister by the name of Ronli. I live to play tennis and rugby(When it is rugby season), but mainly tennis!My best Tennis player is STEFAN EDBERG ! ! ! ! I live in South Africa. I have really cool friends : Greg, Beeeeef, Kevin, David, Marc, Bradey , Samo , Moooot and 6 foot Sev and lots more. By the way, I LOVE Nike!!!!!!! Thats why they call the 'Nikeman' In the following links you can check out my coolest sites. I also dig to listen to 2pac and all that kind of stuff.At the bottom of my page you can have the chance to e-mail me and tell me what you think about my page Before you go, here is a pic of me below. Thats all for now, so cheers. Till later

In the following Links I'm about to give you, there are Tennis sights; Soccer sites; Dowload sites; Edberg sites; adult sites and many more

Here is the official ARSENAL site. Its got probably all the facts, text, scores, pictures and all stuff like that, that you could want.

HERE is a site just about tennis. It gets updated every Friday.

Here is a link to my best adult site on the 'Net'.

Here is a great link to the best soccer news arround.

Here is a site on My man, Stefan Edberg.

This site is a complete download site, Two-Cows

The CNN site is a really cool way to stay in touch with the world

This is a sight where you can Download all the scripts you want

This site is the official MTV online site

This is a link to my friends HomePage, Ryan & Adam . ENJOY !!!

These are the Hottest 100 Web-Sites on the 'Net'

Here is the Official 2Pac site

This is also a complete Download site, ScreenSavers , Themes , etc

This is the absolute best site for music on the 'Net' , Go & try it

With this link to Mnet you can check out programme schedules , Presenters and all that shit

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