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I found out the hard way that my garage is too low. Well as they say "a boer maak 'n plan". Raising the door was too expensive so a couple of grooves lowered the van...

The grooves don't run the length of the garage they just cut into the front weather hump. But it does mean I can get my car in without hitting the door. Not sure what I'll do when I get to 15" wheels.
I fitted a high level brake light, I don't expect to do many emergency stops but as I drive to and from work every day in rush hour traffic any warning to the following car is good.

To connect it I found I could just slip the plug out of the tail light plug using a jewellers screwdriver to press this little tag down. I then soldered the light wires onto the existing brake plug, bent the pin up and slipped it in again. I routed the wires down the side of the Aircon and through to the engine compartment. Good idea to put a pair of connectors on the wire to enable easier removal and replacing of the aircon housing.

While I was there I noticed the brake cluster had a broken clip so I put in a self tapper (stainless) and a spot of glue from the glue gun to hold it in place. Cheaper than a new cluster!

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