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Taxi conversion :-)

I am often called on to do taxi service for my teenage daughter and friends, I also enjoy a good sound in the car. Here are the details for upgraded sound:

Starting at the back I replaced the standard VW speakers with 2way 100w JVC's.

Then under the backseat I jig sawed two 6" x 9" holes, careful to avoid the bed mechanism. I installed 200w 6x9 Denon 3 way speakers.

They are hidden behind a new grill cloth I wrapped over the kick board.

At the front I replaced the 4" VW's with 6" JVC's. As Wanda is a caravelle with electric windows the winder is not a problem. I also installed Calibra tune-up tweeters with cross-overs on the windscreen posts.

I drive all this with a Sony MP3 player. Cheapest basic unit, need to upgrade one day! The original VW clock is really expensive, the large battery operated one you see velcro'd onto the dash is a third of the price and easier to read. Note also the blue tint to the dash guages. ( Cool blue dash lighting (Description here))

Although not strictly ICE (In Car Entertainment) another feature is the ice-box in the air-con ducting on the roof above the gear lever. Keeps beer COLD with zero battery drain!

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