Dashboard Light Modification

LED Look dash Lights

I liked the blue LED Dash lights that some Syncronauts have done but preferred a simpler solution to modify the amber glow of the old dash lights.

Here is my solution:
First obtain a blue plastic bottle. I used a bottled water container (Verve du Cap) You may have to try a couple to get the right shade of blue

Pop off the Instrument cover and check out the speedo and tacho dash lights. They are mounted on holders that slide backwards. I used a screwdriver to ease them back. There is a small metal piece that falls out, you can discard this. (I don't know what it does!)

Cut two strips out of the bottle using strong scissors, wide enough to cover the whole hole where the lights came out. Same width as the rails and long enough to overlap considerably.

Slide the bulb holder back over the plastic "lense" you have made

One blue/white one and LHS as yet untouched!

Now do the other side, clip on instrument cover and enjoy!
The photograph doesn't do the mod justice the effect is much better than it seems here.
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Thomas Mockridge.
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Revised: April 21, 2004.