Adding Printers

Initial Steps

1. Make sure you have access to your Win95 source files
2. Press Ctrl-Esc to bring up the Task Bar
3. Select Settings / Printers
4. Click on the Add Printers icon
5. Click on the Next button

Type of Connection

1. Select whether it is a Local or Network printer
2. Use Local if you are using an LPT port for the connection, whether directly attached or networked.
3. Use Network if you are using an UNC network connection
4. Note: DOS programs will not print to a UNC connection.
5. Click on the Next button

Selecting the Specific Printer

1. Select the Manufacturer and specific printer you need to install.
2. Click on the Next button

Selecting the Port

1. If you selected Local, select the port you want to use
2. If you select a Network UNC type connection, type in the server and printer name
3. Click on the Next button.
4. The following example is for a UNC connection.

Naming the Printer

1. Type in a name for the printer
2. This is the name that will display for the printer icon
3. Click on the Next button.

Testing the Connection

1. If you want to immediately send a test print select Yes.
2. Note: Do not use this if you selected a LPT type connection and it will be for a networked printer.
The reason is that you have not made your network connection yet.
3. Click on the Finish button.

Making an LPT Network Connection

1. Right click on the printer icon you just created.
2. Select Properties
3. Click on the Details tab.
4. Click on the Capture Printer Port button
5. Type in the Server and Printer name you want to attach to in the Path box.
6. Select Reconnect at logon if you want this to be a persistent connection.
7. Click on the OK button.