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The effects of dagga

Zol Also called dagga, dope, mabange, cannabis, ganja, doob, splif, marijuana, or weed. It is usually smoked in a rolled joint, pipe, bottleneck or "bubbly" form, but can also be ingested by eating. It is often mixed with tobacco. The active ingredient is a chemical called THC. A resin extract is called Hash The high may last from around 15 minutes to a number of hours depending on the quality. Mental effects include mild euphoria, occasional hallucinations, increased - but not necessarily realistic - perceptions, short-term memory loss, giggling, possible anxiety and paranoia. Physical effects are pulse and heart rate increase, thirst and appetite increase ("the munchies"), red eyes and dry mouth. It also causes forgetfulness and aggression in some users, especially if taken with alcohol. The effects start soon after inhaling, and can last for a few hours. Eating "dagga cookies" should be treated with caution, as the high is reached more slowly than smoking, and misjudging the quantity can cause extreme sensations. Eating glucose and sugar rich substances is known to counteract the effect of dagga. If you are going to use it, make sure that you are in good, safe, reliable company and in a comfortable environment. Students should be careful about using it too often. Not only does your memory suffer, it also has a negative effect on your concentration span. It is not physically addictive, although one can become dependent on the psychological effects.