Overhead projector (OHP) has been a great tool for visual aid since it emerged. But in today’s business world, people save most of their information on computers. And you still have to print out, copy on transparencies, and have yourself or your associate to wait for the printings. The idle time will be even longer if you need a color one. Our CRUISER Notebook Computer provides a great solution. By using our patented detachable LCD panel, you can easily link with OHP as a whole to present everything you prepare from your computer directly.

If you are tired of OHP and would like to buy a fancy LCD projector to perfect your presentation, meeting, or seminar, etc., will you think about the real purchasing cost other than the price you pay for? It is quite new in the market, which means the product life cycle is short and its depreciation is high. A new and complicated mechanism reflects higher defect rate. Its repairing cost is tremendous. To make it straight, why do you need LCDs inside of your projector while you have your own LCD on your laptop? If you own our Magic LCD Projector and Cruiser Presentation Notebook PC, you will be surprise the super value your get from our products.

Please see the comparison below:

  Notebook PC & LCD / DLP projector   Cruiser presentation notebook PC & Magic LCD Projector  
Maintain cost High Low
Maintenance Return to dealer Do it by yourself
Presentation way PC-based   PC-based and Transparency  
Presentation effort   Dynamic Dynamic / Static
Devices upgradable   No Yes
Portable Yes   Yes
Brightness 250~1,000+ lumens   800 lumens
Setup procedure Depend on brand Very easy
Presentation environment   Depend on lumens Can be used when lights are on
Resolution   VGA~XGA   VGA~XGA
Uniformity less 85% 100%