"Taldicat" Place of the Siamese cat.


Personal Interests

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a keen animal person. I find plentiful pleasure and enjoyment out of caring for animals. Some years in the past, I started in the cat business but after aquiring a cat hating Bullterrier, I had to take things very easy. In 1996 he unfortunately died and I took it upon myself to further my direction into Siamese cats.

I still have dogs (two pavement specials and a Rhodesian Ridgeback), but they do not hassle the cats and vice versa.

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Contact Information

taldicat@iafrica.com (Johan Groenewald)

Web address

Office phone
(041) 558311 X 2210

Phone (H)

(041) 38 2948

082 704 1650

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Comments and Suggestions

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