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After I was retrenched I was looking to follow a new career.
Whilst speaking to my friend she inspired me to study Web development.
I started by designing my own Web site and I am glad that I did.
Not only have I kept myself busy by designing this site,
but I finally got to use my creative abilities.
(Something I felt I was lacking whilst I was working in the corporate world.)
I have had tremendous fun and frustration trying to complete it, but
I feel a great sence of achievement now that my site is online.
I do hope that all who visit or come across my site enjoy it.
It is a great way to keep family and friends updated.

Michael is busy with studies too.
He is doing a Management Business course through Wits Business School.
In between all his studies he still goes fishing with the boys,
drag racing and has recently bought a motor bike
for those days when there is nothing else happening.
And inbetween all this there is still time to go camping with
friends and family. This is keeping my social life at bay whilst
being a house wife.

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