Projection Slides - Diapositives
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  (hp=high power; lp=low power; ana=anatomical)
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HP101. Simple Cuboidal
HP102. Simple Columnar
HP103. Simple Squamous
HP104. Dissociated Squamous
HP105. Stratified Squamous Keratinized 
HP1O6.Stratified Squamous non-Keratinized
HP107. Pseudostratified Columnar Ciliated
HP108. Secretory or Goblet Cell
HP109. Transitional Epithelium
Connective Tissue
HP201. Areolar Connective Loose
HP202. Adipose Tissue
HP203. Collagenous Tissue - Cornea
HP204. White Fibrous Tissue - Tendon
HP205. Elastic Tissue - Ligamentum nuchae
Hyaline Cartilage
Elastic Cartilage
Developing Long Bone
Developing Membrane Bone
Compact Bone, Dry, Ground, X.s.
Compact Bone, Dry, Ground, L.s.
Muscular Tissue
HP301. Smooth Muscle x.s.
HP302. Smooth Muscle l.s.
Skeletal Muscle x.s.
Skeletal Muscle l.s.
Cardiac Muscle l.s.
Muscle-Tendon Junction
Nervous Tissue
HP401. Brain Entire Anatomical
HP402. Cerebellum l.s.
Spinal Cord, Entire x.s.
Spinal Cord, Cellular detail H.P.
Dorsal Root Ganglion
Nerve - Peripheral l.s.
Nerve - Peripheral x.s.
Special Senses
HP501. Eye entire, l.s. 
Eye - Retina H.P.
Ear - Cochlea
Ear - Cochlea H.P.
Vater-Pacinian Corpuscle
Taste Buds
HP1. Simple Cuboidal
HP2.Simple Columnar
HP3. Simple Squamous
4. Dissociated Squamous
5.Stratified Squamous,    Keratinzed