Zoology Preserved Specimens
Z4001 Protozoa. Various species  R5.50 per vial. Z4501 Earthworms. Local species  R3.50 each. Z4901 Membranous lace animal.  On kelp frond R5.50.
Z4002 Paramecium. R5.50 per vial. Z4502Lumbricus-earthworms. Imported R7.50 each.
 Z4003 Amoeba. Imported R25.00 per vial. Z4503Lumbricus-earthworms. Imported R7.50 each. Z5001 Chitons-Dinoplax.  Medium, R6.50; Large R11.50 
Z4504 Nereis. Imported R15.00 each.  Z5002 Gastropods -Prosobranbranchia.  Various representatives, R5.50 
Z4101 Porifera. Various species of local sponges  R10.50 per set of 3. Z4505 Hirudo. Imported, large R22.00 each. Z5003 Snails - Pulmonates Terrestrial Medium, R6.50; Large R11.50
Z5004 Mussels-Bivalvia.Perna  Relaxed for dissection R5.50 
 Z4201 Hydra Imported R2.50 each. Z4601 Limulus Imported horseshoe crabs. R25.00 each.  Z5005 Squid. For dissection, R11.50 
 Z4202 Obelia hydroids.  Imported R8.50 each. Z4602 Spiders. Local species set for examination. R5.50 each.
 Z4203 Obelia medusa.  Imported R8.50 each. Z4603 Scorpions. Local species. R7.50 each. Z5101 Sea urchin, Parenchinous spp. R5.50 each 
 Z4204 Physalia - Blue bottles. R2.50 each. Z4604 Ticks. Set for easy examination: small R2.50; large R5.50 each. Z5102 Starfish, Patiria spp.   R7.50 each 
 Z4205 Jellyfish  Aurelia imported R17.50 each.  Arthropoda-crustacea Z5103 Starfish, Patiriella or Asteriana spp. R5.50each 
 Z4201 Anemone.  Actinaria R5.50 each. Z4701 Cirripedia-barnacles . R5.50 per container. Z5104 Sea cucumber, Cucumaria spp.  R10.50 each 
  Platyhelminthes Z4702 Isopoda-Deto spp. . R5.50 per container.
Z4301 Planaria. Relaxed and flattened, imported, R2.50 each. Z4703 Amphipoda-Urothoe spp. . R5.50 per container. Z5301 Red Bait - Pyura  R17.50 each 
Z4302 Fasciola hepatica. .Relaxed and flattened R8.50 each. Z4704 Shrimps. Small local species. R5.50 per container.
Z4303 Bilharzia snails. Dried shells of 2 spieces  R10.50/set Z4705 Brine shrimps. R5.50 per container Z5401 Amphioxus Imported R17.50 each 
Z4304 Cysticercus. Pig muscle infested with Taenia larvae R10.50 Z4706 Crabs. R6.50 each.    Vertebrates
Z4305 Dipylidium Proglottids without scolex.  R5.50 each. Arthropoda-insecta Z5501 Shark - Dogfish  R17.50 each 
Z4305 Dipylidium Gravid proglottids ie with eggs  R2.50 each.  Z4801 Mosquito - Male & female. Pairs for external study. R5.50 per pair  Z5502 Boney Fish  R6.50 each 
Z4305 Moniezia . Gravid, mature and immature segments R12.50  Z4802 Mosquito - Larvae & Pupae R5.50 per set.  Z5503 Frog  -  Xenopus  R9.50 each 
Z4803 Honeybees - Workers   R5.50 per container.  Z5504 Lizard - Ghekko.   R8.50 each 
Z4804  Locusts  Medium, R2.50; Large R5.50 each  Z5505 Bird -  Pigeon.   R15.50 each 
Z4401 Ascaris lumbrcoides.  Fixed and straightened, both sexes. R9.50 per pair.  Z4804 Cockroaches   R2.50 each. Z5506 Rats - Fixed R15.00 each; frozen, R12.50 each  
Z5507 Mammal foetus, 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester.   R25.00 per set.
Z5508 Mammal foetus in situ. In uterus R8.50, 
Z5509 Sheep eyes, R5.50; Hearts, R12.00; Kidneys R8.50 Fixed or fresh/frozen as required. 
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