35mm Projection Slides (all A price)




P0101 Simple Cuboidal Epithelium.

P0102 Simple Columnar Epithelium.

P0103 Simple Squamous Epithelium - Mesothellium of artery

P0104 Dissociated Squamous Epithelium

P0105 Stratified Squamous Epithelium, Keratinized.

P0106 Stratified Squamous Epithelium, non-Keratinized

P0110 Pseudostratified Columnar Ciliated Epithelium.

P0111 Secretory Epithelium.

P0112 Transitional Epithelium.

Connective Tissue

P0201 Areolar (Loose) Connective Tissue.

P0202 Collagenous Tissue.

P0203 White Fibrous Tissue (Tendon).

P0204 Elastic Tissue. Bovine, ligamentum nuchae,

P0205 Hyaline Cartilage.

P0206 Elastic Cartilage.

P0207 Fibrocartilage. Human, intervertebral disc,

P0208 Developing Long Bone.

P0209 Developing Membrane Bone.

P0210 Compact Bone x.s.

P0211 Compact Bone l.s.

P0212 Adipose Tissue.

Muscular Tissue

P0301 Smooth Muscle. L.s & x.s.

P0302 Skeletal Muscle. L.s.

P0302b Skeletal Muscle. X.s.

P0303 Muscle-Tendon Junction.

P0304 Cardiac Muscle.

P0305 Endocarditis.

Nervous Tissue

P0402 Nerve - Peripheral l.s..

P0403 Nerve - Peripheral x.s.

P0405 Spinal Cord.x.s.

P0405b Spinal Cord.Motor neurons x.s.

P0408 Dorsal Root Ganglion.

P0410 Cerebellum.

Special Senses

P0501 Vater-Pacini Corpuscle.

P0502 Eye entire, visual axis

P0503 Retina.

P0504 Cochlea

P0504b Organ of Corti

P0505 Taste Buds.


P0603 Human Bloodsmear - Normal.

P0604 Mammal Bloodsmear. Leukocytosis.

Cardiovascular System

P0701 Artery. aorta x.s.

P0703 Artery, Vein & Nerve. X.s.

Lymphatic Tissues

P0803 Lymph Node.

P0805 Spleen.


P0905 Mammal Skin with Hair Follicles & Sweat Glands


Respiratory System

P1003 Trachea

P1005 Lung

Digestive System

P1103 Parotid Gland.

P1104 Oesophagus.

P1105 Oesophagus-Stomach Junction showing transition.

P1106 Stomach. showing gastric & mucous glands.

P1117 Intestinal Villi.

P1108 Duodenum Brunner's glands

P1109 Jejunum.

P1112 Colon.

P1114 Pancreas.

P1115 Liver.

Excretory System

P1201 Kidney. Mouse, entire

P1203 Kidney sec. showing medulla and cortex.

P1204 Bowmans Capsule.

Endocrine Glands

P1303 Thyroid Gland.

P1304 Adrenal Gland.

Female Genital System

P1402 Mammal Ovary.

P1403 Oviduct.

P1404 Uterus, Estrus.

P1405 Uterus, Anestrus.

P1406 Uterus, Pregnant.

P1407 Foetus l.s.

Male Genital System

P1503 Mammal Testis. Cat, sec.,

P1504 Epididymus.

P1506 Mammal Spermatozoa. W.m.,





P1601 Amoeba proteus.


P1802 Hydra with Bud.

P1803 Hydra. L.s.,

P1805 Hydra. showing spermary,

Z1806 Hydra. showing ovary,


P1901 Planaria. X.s.,

P1901 Planaria W.m.

P1905 Schistosoma adults in copula.

P1908 Schistosoma mansoni, Cercariae.

P1909 Schistosoma mansoni, Miracidia.

P1910 Schistosoma mansoni Eggs.

P1913 Dipylidium caninum. Scolex, w.m.

P1914 Dipylidium caninum Wm. mature.

P1915 Dipylidium caninum W.m. Gravid.

P1916 Dipylidium caninum x.s. Gravid

P1918 Taenia scolex. W.m.

P1919 Cysticercus.


P2001 Ascaris lumbricoides. female x.s.

P2002 Ascaris lumbricoides. male x.s.


P2301 Earthworm. Ant region, l.s.,

P2303 Earthworm. Post clitellum, x.s.

P2304 Earthworm. Post clitellum chaetae and typhlosole.

P2305 Earthworm. Post clitellum, nephridium.







P2302 Tick. W.m.,


P2309 Insect (Housefly) Wing.

P2310 Insect Leg.

P2303a Flea. Female, W.m.,

P2303b Flea. Male W.m.,

P2304 Flea Larvae. W.m

P2305a Mosquito Female head W.m.

P2305b Mosquito Male head W.m.

P2306 Mosquito Larva. W.m

P2307 Mosquito Pupa. W.m.,

P2308 Housefly Head. W.m.,

P2540 Honeybee Mouthparts. W.m.,

P2545 Honey Bee Leg. W.m.

P2545 Honey Bee Sting. W.m.

P2312 Grasshopper Mouthparts. W.m.,

P2313 Periplaneta (Cockroach)


P2501 Fish Gill.


P2601 Xenopus (Frog) Skin W.m.

P2601 Xenopus (Frog) Bloodsmear.


P2701 Snake Skin. W.m.

P2701 Reptile Bloodsmear.


Z2801a Feather, Contour . W.m.

Z2801bFeather, Down . W.m.

Z2801cFeather, Filioplume . W.m.

Z2802 Bird Bloodsmear.

Z2803 Bird Embryo early

Z2804 Bird Embryo late.

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