Price code as follows

A= L 1.10 B= L 1.30 C = L 1.50 D= L 1.70 


 Z0101 Simple Cuboidal Epithelium. Mesonephron, sec. (A)

Z0102 Simple Columnar Epithelium. Gallbladder, sec. (A)

Z0103 Simple Squamous Epithelium. Artery endothelium, x.s. (A)

Z0104 Dissociated Squamous Epithelium. Cheek scraping. (A)

Z0105 Stratified Squamous Epithelium, Keratinized. Palm, (A)

Z0105 Stratified Squamous Epithelium, non-Keratinized. Cheek or oesophagus. (A)

Z0107 Stratified Squam.Epithelium, non-Keratinized, flat sec. Cheek. (B)

Z0108 Stratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium. Frog, oesophagus, x.s. (A)

Z0109 Ciliated Columnar Epithelium. Oviduct sec. (A)

Z0110 Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium. Trachea, (A)

Z0111 Secretory Epithelium. Intestine, l.s. (A) (P.A.S. stain).

Z0112 Transitional Epithelium. Urinary bladder sec. (A)

Z0113 Stratified Columnar Epithelium. Conjunctiva sec. (A)


Connective Tissue

Z0201 Areolar (Loose) Connective Tissue. Subcut. tissue spread w.m. (C)

Z0202 Collagenous Tissue. Bovine, cornea, sec. (A)

Z0203 White Fibrous Tissue (Tendon). Sheep tendon, l.s. (A)

Z0204 Elastic Tissue L.s. Ligamentum nuchae, with elastic fibres (A)

Z0205 Hyaline Cartilage. Xiphoid process, sec. showing perichondrium. (A)

Z0206 Elastic Cartilage. Dog, ear, x.s. showing elastin fibres, Verhoeff stain. (C)

Z0207 Fibrocartilage. Human, intervertebral disc, sec. (A)

Z0208 Developing Long Bone. Rat or cat, newborn, femur/humerus l.s. (A)

Z0209 Developing Membrane Bone. Mouse, newborn, cranium, sec. (A)

Z0210 Compact Bone X.s. Dry, ground showing haversian systems. (B)

Z0211 Compact Bone L.s. Dry, ground (B)

Z0212 Adipose Tissue. Sec. (A)


Muscular Tissue

Z0301 Smooth Muscle L.s. & x.s. Mammal intestine (A)

Z0302 Skeletal Muscle L.s. & x.s. Rat tongue. (A)

Z0303 Muscle-Tendon Junction L.s. (A)

Z0304 Cardiac Muscle. Mammal heart l.s. & x.s. demonstrating intercalated discs (A)

Z0305 Endocarditis. Bovine heart (A)

Z0306 Three Muscle Types L.s. (D)


Nervous Tissue

Z0401 Neuron smear. Neuron motor nerve cell from spinal cord, Cat. (A)

Z0402 Nerve - Peripheral L.s. (A)

Z0403 Nerve - Peripheral X.s. (A)

Z0404 Nerve - Optic L.s. (A)

Z0405 Spinal Cord X.s. (A)

Z0406 Spinal Cord in situ x.s. Rat, spinal cord within vertebral canal. (A)

Z0407 Spinal Cord L.s.with Dorsal Root Ganglion. (B)

Z0408 Dorsal Root Ganglion. Monkey, l.s., (B)

Z0409 Cerebral Cortex. Rat brain, l.s. or cor.sec. (A)

Z0410 Cerebellum. Rat brain. (A)

Z0411 Brain Entire L.s. Entire newborn rat brain, sag. sec. (C)

Z0412 Medulla in situ. Newborn rat brain stem x.s. (A)


Special Senses

 Z0501 Vater-Pacinian Corpuscle. Monkey palm, sec. (A)

Z0502 Eye through visual axis. (B)

Z0503 Retina sec.through Optic Nerve. Sheep retina sec. (A)

Z0504 Cochlea in situ. Mouse, showing cochlea, l.s. (B)

Z0505 Taste Buds. Pig tongue (B)



Z0603 Human Bloodsmear - Normal. Differential stain. (A)

Z0604 Mammal Bloodsmear. Leukocytosis. Differential stain. (A)

Z0605 Mammal Bone Marrow. (A)

Cardiovascular System

Z0701 Artery. Monkey, aorta x.s. showing endothelium. (A)

Z0702 Vein. Monkey, femoral x.s. (A)

Z0703 Artery,Vein & Nerve.(A)

Z0705 Thrombosis. Bovine brain sec., (A)

Lymphatic Tissues

Z0801 Palatine Tonsil. Dog, sec. showing epithelial & lymphoid tissue. (A)

Z0802 Thymus. Dog, sec. (A)

Z0803 Lymph Node. Dog, sec. (A)

Z0804 Lymph Node with ducts. (B)

Z0805 Spleen. Dog, sec. (A)

Z0806 Lymphoblastic leukaemia. Dog, lymphnode sec. (A)


Z0905 Mammal Skin with Hair Follicles. (A)

Z0105 Mammal Skin - Plantar. Monkey palm, sec. (A)

Z0907 Skin Tumour. Squamous cell carcinoma, sec. (A)


Respiratory System

Z1002 Epiglottis. Cat or dog, sec. (A)

Z1003 Trachea. Dog or cat, x.s. showing pseudostratified epithelium. (A)

Z1004 Trachea. Dog or cat, l.s. showing cartilage rings and epithelium. (A)

Z1005 Lung. Monkey, sec. (A)

Z1006 Lung in situ. Mouse thorax. (A)

Z1007 Pneumonia. Caprine lung sec. (A)

Z1008 Larynx sec. Cat sec. (A)

Digestive System

Z1101 Tongue Papillae. Pig, sec. (A)

Z1102 Mammal Tooth in situ. Prior to eruption. (B)

Z1103 Parotid Gland. Dog, x.s. (A)

Z1104 Oesophagus X.s. (A)

Z1105 Oesophagus-Stomach Junction Showing transition of epithelium types. (A)

Z1106 Stomach. Sec., showing gastric & mucous glands. (A)

Z1107 Stomach-Duodenum Junction. Showing transition of epithelium. (A)

Z1117 Intestinal Villi. Typical intestine anatomy. (A)

Z1108 Duodenum X.s. Showing Brunner's glands. (A)

Z1109 Jejunum X.s.Showing crypts & typical intestinal villi. (A)

Z1110 Ileum X.s. (A)

Z1116 Stomach Duodenum Jejenum & Ileum. Secs on one slide. (D)

Z1111 Ileocaecal Junction. Showing transition of epithelium types. (A)

Z1112 Colon X.s. (A)

Z1113 Enteritis. Bovine intestine (A)

Z1114 Pancreas. Showing acini & islets of Langerhans. (A)

Z1115 Liver. Pig, sec., showing 'classical' liver lobule. (A)


Excretory System

Z1201 Kidney, Entire.Mouse, sec. (A)

Z1202 Kidney with Adrenal gland. Mouse, entire median sec. (B)

Z1203 Kidney Sec. Pig, kidney sec., showing medulla and cortex. (A)

Z1204 Ureter. Pig, x.s., showing transitional epithelium. (A)

Z1205 Bladder, Contracted. Sec., showing transitional epithelium. (A)

Z1206 Nephritis. Bovine kidney sec., (A)

Endocrine Glands

Z1301 Pituitary gland. Cat, sag. sec., with the pars nervosa and adenohypophysis. (C)

Z1303 Thyroid Gland. Dog, sec., showing cuboidal epithelium surrounding follicles. (A)

Z1304 Adrenal Gland. Dog or cat, sec., showing medulla and cortex. (A)

Z1305 Endocrine Pancreas. Sec., showing islets of Langerhans. (A)


Female Genital System

 Z1402 Mammal Ovary. Dog or cat, sec., showing Graafian follicles. (A)

Z1403 Oviduct. Cat, x.s., showing ciliated and non-ciliated columnar epithelium. (A)

Z1404 Uterus, Estrus. Cat, sec., (A)

Z1405 Uterus, Anestrus. Cat x.s. (A)

Z1406 Uterus, Pregnant. Cat sec. (A)

Z1407 Mouse Foetus, Near Term. Sag. sec., (A)

Z1408 Mammary Gland, Lactating. Canerat, sec. (A)


Male Genital System

Z1502 Mammal Testis Entire. Mouse entire x.s., showing structure & spermatogenesis. (A)

Z1503 Mammal Testis Sec. Cat, for meiosis. (A)

Z1504 Epididymus. Mouse or rat, sec., showing spermatozoa in tubules. (A)

Z1505 Penis. Monkey, x.s., (A)

Z1506 Mammal Spermatozoa. W.m., (A)


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