Price code as follows

A= L 1.10 B= L 1.30 C = L 1.50 D= L 1.70


B0101 Bacteria types, Smear. (A)

B0102 Bacillus, separate rods. (A)

B0103 Coccus, chains. (A)

B0104 Spirillium, (A)

B0105 Pus smear. Showing neutrophils and various bacteria. (A)



B0201 Rhizopus W.m. with Sporangia - asexual cycle. (A)

B0206 Rhizopus W.m. with Zygosporangia - sexual cycle. (A)

B0202 Penicillium. Sec. with conidiophores. (A)

B0203 Aspergillis. W.m. (A)

B0204 Saccharomyces. Shows nuceli. W.m. (A)

B0205 Candida. W.m. (A)


B0301 Spirogyra Vegetative W.m.(A)

B0302 Spirogyra Conjugation W.m.(A)

B0303 Spirogyra Vegetative & Conjugation (C)

B0304 Diatoms W.m. (A)

B0305 Eklonia . (Kelp) Blade with sporangia t.s. (A)


B0401 Physcia. Apothecium. Sec. (A)


B0501 Marchantia Thallus & Capsule (A)

B0502 Marchantia Antheridia l.s. (C)

B0503 Marchantia Archegonia l.s. (C)

B0504 Marchantia Sporophyte l.s. (C )



B0601 Moss Protonema. W.m.(A)

B0602 Moss Archegonia L.s. (C)

B0603 Moss Antheridia L.s. (A)

B0604 Moss Sporophyte L.s. (A)

B0604 Moss Sporophyte W.m. (C)

B0605 Moss Leaf. T.s. (A)


B0701 Selaginella Stem. T.s. (A)

B0702 Selaginella Strobilus. L.s. (C)


B0801 Fern Pinna & Sorus. T.s. (A)

B0802 Fern Prothallus W.m. (C)

B0803 Prothallus Antheridia L.s. (A)

B0804 Prothallus Archegonia L.s. (A)

B0805 Prothallus Antheridia W.m. (C)

B0806 Prothallus Archegonia W.m. (C)

Plant Tissues

B0901 Typical Plant Cells. Leaf flat sec. with chloroplasts. (A)

B0902 Parenchyma. Stem t.s. (A)

B0903 Collenchyma. (A)

B0904 Sclerenchyma. Leaf or stem t.s.. (A)

B0905 Cambium. Pine stem t.s. (A)

B0906 Cork . Stem t.s. (A)

B0907 Sclereids. Nymphaea leaf t.s. (A)

B0908 Tracheids. Pine stem l.s. to show tracheids with bordered pits. (A)

B0909 Xylem T.s. Stem t.s. (A)

B0910 Xylem L.s. Stem l.s. (A)

B0911 Phloem T.s.Stem t.s. (A)

B0912 Phloem L.s. Stem l.s. (A)

B0913 Sieve tubes. L.s. from Cucurbita stem. (A)

B0914 Leaf Epidermis Onion. Allium. Surface view. W.m. (A)

B0915 Leaf Epidermis Dicot. Surface view. (A)

B0916 Leaf Epidermis Monocot & Dicot. Surface view. W.m. (C)

B0917 Stomata. Zea leaf t.s.(A)

B0918 Mitosis stages. Allium root tip l.s. (A)

Primary Structures


B1001 Lycopodium sp. Stem t.s. (A)

B1002 Selaginella sp. Stem t.s. (A)

B1003 Pinus sp. Young stem t.s. (A)

B1004 Monocot Stem T.s.. Zea stem t.s. (A)

B1005 Dicot. Stem T.s. Helianthus stem, young t.s. (A)

B1006 Monocot.& Dicot. Stem T.s. Zea & Helianthus stem t.s.(C)

B1007 Stem Apex. Shoot tip l.s. (A)

B1008 Lenticels. Sambuccus stem t.s. for lenticels (A)

B1009 Abscission Layer. Stem & petiole l.s. (A)


B1101 Equisetum sp. Rhizome t.s. (A)

B1102 Pteridium sp. Rhizome t.s. (A)


B1201 Lycopodium sp. Root t.s. (A)

B1202 Pinus sp. Root t.s. (A)

B1203. Monocot. Root T.s. Zea root t.s. (A)

B1204 Dicot Root T.s. Ranunculus root t.s. (A)

B1205 Monocot. & Dicot. Root T.s. Zea & Ranunculus root t.s. (C)

B1206 Root Hairs. Phaseolus root t.s. (A)

B1207 Root tip. Phaseolus/Vicia root tip l.s. (A)

B1208 Lateral root origin. Vicia root t.s. (A)


B1301 Pinus. leaves t.s. (A)

B1302 Monocot. Leaf. Zea leaf t.s. (A)

B1303 Dicot. Leaf. Ligusturm leaf t.s.icot. leaf t.s. (A)

B1304 Monocot. & Dicot. Leaf. Zea & Ligustrum leaf t.s. (C)

B1305 Pallisade Layer. Leaf h.s. (A)

Secondary Thickenings and Adaptations


B1401 Pinus Old Stem T.s. (A)

B1402 Secondary Thickening. Dicot. stem. Helianthus. t.s. (A)

B1403 Secondary Phloem. Monocot. stem. Draceana. t.s. (A)

B1404 Tilia First Year Stem t.s. (A)

B1405 Tilia Fourth Year Stem t.s. (A)

B1406 Hydrophytic Adaptation. Nymphaea petiole t.s. (A)

B1407 Dodder/Cuscuta. On host stem t.s. (A)


B1408 Root, Epiphytic. Dendrobium root t.s. (A)

B1409 Root, Aerial. Avicenia root t.s. (A)


B1410 Xerophytic Leaf. Oleander leaf t.s. (A)

B1412 Mesophytic Leaf. Ligustrum leaf t.s. (A)

B1413 Hydrophytic Leaf. Nymphaea leaf t.s. (A)

B1414 Xero-, Meso- & Hydrophyte. 3 leaf types t.s. on one slide. (C )

B1415 Ficus Leaf t.s. (A)

B1416 Scaevola Leaf t.s. (A)

B1417 Dionacea Leaf t.s. (A)

B1418 Avicenia Leaf t.s. (A)

B1419 Oleander Leaf t.s. (A)

B1420 Nelumba Leaf t.s. (A)

B1421 Cortaderia Leaf t.s. (A)

B1422 Phaseolus Leaf t.s. (A)

B1423 Triticum Leaf t.s. (A)

Reproductive Structures

B1501 Strobilus, Lycopodium l.s. (A)

B1503 Strobilus, Selaginella l.s. (A)

B1504 Strobilus, Equisetum l.s. (A)

B1505 Fern Sorus. Dryopteris l.s. (A)

B1506 Fern Sporangium. Dryopteris l.s. (C)

B1507 Fern Prothallus with Antheridia. Dryopteris l.s. (A)

B1508 Fern Prothallus with Archegonia. Dryopteris l.s. (C )

B1509 Male Pine Cone Pinus cone l.s. (A)

B1510 Pine Pollen Pinus w.m. (A)

B1511 Female Pine Cone Pinus 1st year cone l.s. (A)

B1512 Female Pine Cone Pinus 2nd year cone l.s. (A)

B1513 Monocot. Flowerbud, Lilium l.s. (A)

B1514 Dicot. Flowerbud, Helianthus l.s. (A)

B1515 Dicot. Flowerbud Ranunculus or Orange l.s. (A)

B1516 Meiosis. Lilium anther t.s. for various stages (A)

B1517 Lily Anther Lilium anther t.s. (A)

B1518 Lily Anther Dehisced. Lilium anther t.s. (A)

B1519 Embryo-sac Development. Lilium. Various stages (C )

B1520 Monocot. Seed. Zea mays l.s. (A)

B1521 Dicot. Seed. Capsella or Cucurbita l.s. (A)