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Zanzibar Spiral Door, Wall & Greg
Zanzibar Spiral Door, Wall & Greg
Other Essential Words/Phrases - Part 2
Hakuna matata! No worries! (famous catch-all phrase: have you seen The Lion King?)
kili kili seriously bad/ripped off (e.g. "those are kili kili prices")
baridi cold
moto hot
Lala Salaama! Good Night!
watoto children


Mysterious Spiky Red Fruit - Spice Tour
This is fresh NUTMEG!
Spiky Red Fruit - Spice Tour
Mystery Spice - Do YOU
know what this is?
Assorted Beautiful Words
simba lion
mia one hundred
elfu one thousand
chungwa orange
nanasi pineapple
embe mango
tikiti watermelon
Zanzibar English
An Example of Zanzibar English
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