Apollo Noise - Impact
This page gives a "visual impression" of the "debilitating" impact that the pulsating Apollo noise has on a "sensitised" listener. After reading this message a few times one begins to experience the type of disorientation that is induced by the pulsating Apollo Noise.

Imagine having to have to "live" this type of interference !!!!
Click here to experience the "relief" when the "noise" stops
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PS: We are coming to the conclusion that it is the random beat note (of some 4 Hz per second) that arises out of the multiple (circa 33 Hz) pure tones generated by the battery of large cooling fans that causes us distress rather than the level of the tones themselves. It is the long term nighttime exposure to this incessant "throbbing sound" with an irregular beat that has caused us to become "sensitised" to this debilitating low level VLF noise.

Low frequency pure tones, just at or above the threshold of hearing, have been found to cause extreme annoyance. (see:- Broner, 1978b: Tempest 1979: Chatterton, 1979: Leventhall, 1980.)
Source Information : http://www.eskimo.com/~billb/hum/hum.html


The "sine wave" background is irritating. It simulates the problem faced by Hum Hearers when this irritating sound invades every facet of their lives: preventing relaxation, interrupting sleep, interrupting marriages, making simple tasks difficult, even causing thoughts of suicidal escape (and in one case causing actual suicide: Oct '96, in the UK.)