Hi there.

I am ROB DAVIDOWITZ and I would love to share my passion for the 'World's best kept secret', Cape Town, with you. Having such a unique product to offer you I know that I have a fantastic voyage of discovery in store for you.

I do not offer the typical "coach type" tour where you often end up seeing only the "touristy" attractions and NOT the real soul of the city - what a waste of time and money.....See I said that I would save you time and money! 

By traveling with me, you will get to see what YOU are interested in seeing because of the unique and personal nature of each of my individual tours.  Even though day tours normally last approximately 8 hours, the service that I provide includes my availability to you 24 hrs a day from the time that you arrive until the time that you depart. I am thus able to take care of all the ancillary matters around your visit to my city. e.g. I can arrange things like, airport transfers, car hire, accommodation, entertainment reservations, meal reservations, laundry, etc. etc. all FREE OF A SERVICE CHARGE. You will, through me, have an instant reference guide to the city of Cape Town and its environs at your disposal to answer questions like, 

  • Where should I shop for local curios? 
  • Where can I have a manicure? 
  • Where should we eat out and where can I change traveler's cheques without being charged exorbitant transaction charges? 
  • etc. etc.

Most of the initial ground work for the tour is done via e-mail. Based on my experience, I know that by the time you land on our fair shores, we will be fairly familiar with each other and it will be like meeting an old friend at the airport. In fact this is one of the reasons that I enjoy showing guests around Cape Town because most of my guests become good friends who remain in contact long after leaving South Africa. From the information that I gain from you, I will put together a tour based on your specific interests, taking the smallest detail into account.

To ensure intimacy and comfort for my guests, I limit my tours to a maximum of 8 guests from your group only. The two vehicles that I tour in are a Honda 4X4 luxury recreational vehicle and a Volkswagen Microbus. Both these vehicles are air-conditioned, equipped with stereo sound and are licensed under the public road transportation authorities. Two additional transport facilities that I have access to are an aircraft operated out of Cape Town international airport, and a deep-sea ski boat out of Hout Bay harbour. The aircraft is used for aerial sightseeing tours and the boat is used for deep-sea fishing.

SO - If you are traveling to Sunny South Africa and Cape Town is on your itinerary, as it definitely should be, contact me and we can discuss your voyage of discovery in Cape Town and all that it has to offer. 

MY GUARANTEE TO YOU is that you will experience Cape Town in a manner that will remain fondly in your heart forever. I am so sure that you will simply fall in love with my city, CAPE TOWN, that I know you will return soon. Ask anyone on my Fan Mail page.