Reimann Archives

Genealogical records of Lomnitz start in 1614 and continue through to the end of World War II.   Catholic church books provide the sole surviving records up to about 1750 and include the Protestant records.  Thereafter each church maintained separate records but these are mostly missing up to about 1795.   Protestant books run (with gaps) through to 1850 and the German Reich civil registry takes over from 1876.  This section shows the full data extracted from the microfilmed church records of Lomnitz.


At any one time up to three Reimanns with identical names could be living in Lomnitz, due to the repeated use of Christian names such as Friedrich, Johann and Gottlieb for boys, and Rosina, Regina, Maria for girls.   Research is made even harder in early records, which do not give maiden names of mothers.  So the church records can only be used to construct family lines if all the Reimanns in the town are taken into account.


In the Reimann Families section the records from the microfilms have been ordered into a single mosaic of Lomnitz Reimanns, from which a much clearer picture of about 30 Reimann family fragments emerges.  If the missing church books ever turn up then it will be possible to further link some of the smaller family fragments.