Genealogy Sources

Der Bote aus dem Riesengebirge was the most widely distributed newspaper in the Hirschberg area from 1812 to 1933.   It was a daily newspaper and appeared seven days a week, except some public holidays.  An extensive news coverage was given, starting with a headline article and followed by international, regional and local sections which described festivals, celebrities, weather phenomena, health problems and crimes.  Criminal proceedings of the Hirschberg Court were described in minute detail, down to theft of a teaspoon which might attract a sentence of one day in jail.  Serious crimes were handled at the same venue by circuit judges who arrived for a 7-10 day session twice a year.  Also in the newspaper were church notices and advertisements for local businesses. The Wroclaw (Breslau) Universitätsbibliothek holds a superb collection of the "Bote", covering the years 1812-1872, 1881-1926, 1928, 1930-1935, 1939 and 1940. This little known Polish collection seems quite lost to German libraries, which hold only isolated issues.  The Staatsarchive Jelenia Gora has an even lesser-known collection, which is very extensive but with some gaps.


Beobachter im Iser- und Riesengebirge was the successor to the "Bote", published 1933–1944. 


General-Anzeiger für das Riesengebirge and Post aus dem Riesengebirge, were other local newspapers, both presumably printed in Hirschberg. Publication dates and locations of surviving issues are not known.


Lomnitztal-Bote was a local newspaper published from 1916 to 1945. The full title was "Lomnitztal-Bote Amtsbezirk-Anzeiger fuer die Amtsbezirke Arnsdorf u. Krummhuebel mit den Gemeinden Arnsdorf, Krummhuebel, Steinseiffen, Querseiffen und Glausnitz", which fully describes the villages covered. Some copies of the period 1933-1939 are available in the Wroclaw Universitätsbibliothek Silesian Collection, but these contain little local Lomnitz news, even though it was a thrice weekly publication at the time. Earlier years might have contained less Nazi propaganda and may exist in Jelenia Gora. They have not been personally viewed.