Genealogy Sources

Meyers Orts Index is a complete listing of German place names, published around the turn of the century.  Available on microfilm at Mormon Family History Centres, it helps decipher the duplicity of town names and shows where church and government records were archived.


Heimatgeschichte Lomnitz im Riesengebirge is a 275 page 1953 Lomnitz chronicle, written in a homely style by Max Grimmig, a former mayor of Lomnitz.   It was published by Cleverns, Oldenburg and is now unfortunately unobtainable.   It deals with every aspect of Lomnitz life and of particular importance is the listing of land ownership records of all Lomnitz properties, dating back to 1650.


Lomnitz in Alten Ansichten is a modern day picture book of all the old Lomnitz properties, assembled from family holdings of the former German refugees.  The author is Bernd Nörenberg, who is also very active in the Schlesiche Bergwacht society.  It was printed in 1999 by Cordier Satz und Druck GmBh in Heiligenstadt and was an immediate sell-out.


Jubelbücher were commemorative booklets published by churches on the 50th, 100th and 150th anniversaries of the unbanning of the Evangelical faith by Frederick the Great in 1740.   They appeared in many towns and are a valuable source of town history. An extensive collection is held by Pastor Dietmar Ness in Gross-Särchen (near Hoyaswerda).  A search unearthed two surviving copies of the Lomnitz edition, one in the Hirschberger Heimatstube in Alfeld and one in the Wroclaw Universtätsbibliothek Silesian Collection in Wroclaw (holding No. 3674).  It is called "Denkschrift zur 100 Jährigen evang. Kirchen Jubel Feier in Lomnitz", written by Pastor Lorenz in 1842.  It is notebook sized, 56 pages long, describes Lomnitz and Protestant church history, and activities of notable residents.