Genealogy Sources

State Archive Jelenia Gora.  Official records for Jelenia Gora province are preserved as part of the Wroclaw (Breslau) State Archives (the Archiwów Panstwowych) and there are supposedly 459 items stored in the Jelenia Gora branch, in the old Staatsarchive building at 27 Ul. Podwale. Of particular interest are the following, from a list published on the internet, but not all could be found during a personal visit in 2000 :


Kreis-Abteilung Hirschberg 1872 -1943

Akten der Stadt Hirschberg 1309 -1945

Katasteramt in Hirschberg 1861-1945 (land registry)

Standesamt in Hirschberg 1874 -1944 (marriage, birth and death registry)

Bezirksgericht Hirschberg 1879 -1944 (district court)

Staatsanwaltschaft Hirschberg 1919 -1944 (public prosecutor)

Notarakten Hirschberg 1807-1945 (conveyancy records)

Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Niederlassung Hirschberg 1917-1945

Kirchenbücher der ev. Kirchengemeinde in Hirschberg 1709 -1947

Standesamt Lomnitz 1874 -1896

Militärsachen Lomnitz 1795 -1884 (Akta gminy Lomnica, Signatur Lom 23)


During this researcher's visit to the archive the staff and particularly the Director were very helpful, although their German was limited and the application forms required for viewing the items were all in Polish. The reading area is a comfortable room with period furniture and few other users.   All the originals of the church record books filmed by the Mormons could be freely viewed here but the Standesamt (civil) records seemed limited to the land title documents (Grundbuch Akten), officially covering the years 1790 - 1930. For Lomnitz these were loosely contained in boxes, many property numbers were completely missing and those properties which were available had extensive gaps. Nevertheless they contained some absolute gems, including wills drawn up at the time of property inheritance, from which family lines could be checked through the legal heirs. District court and prosecution records seemed limited to only a few high profile cases. The military records were not viewed for lack of time but are reputed to hold valuable lists of residents, ordered by house number.


A really exhaustive search of this archive would take at least two weeks and would require some knowledge of Polish. The archive is open from 8 am to 3 pm every weekday.  Photocopies can be made but are expensive.  Take note that entry to any state archive or library in Poland is only possible on production of a passport or other form of identification.



Wroclaw University Library, Silesian Collection. The Wroclaw Universtätsbibliothek has a separate building called "Na Piasku", dedicated to housing its special collections, one of which is the Silesian collection. Holdings of interest for research on Lomnitz are :


An almost complete collection of the Hirschberg newspaper "Der Bote aus dem Riesengebirge"

Some issues of the Lomnitztal-Bote newspaper

Address books showing property owners in villages of Kreis Hirschberg (annual, but only very few years available)

The Lomnitz ‘Jubelbuch’ published by the Evangelical church in 1842, possibly Jubelbücher for other villages as well

Recently published books describing the history of the Hirschberg area

Directories to assist in finding lesser known Silesian villages by German or Polish names


The library building is on an island in the Odra river, close to the university in the centre of Wroclaw.  Foreigners should correspond with the library through their website to arrange a visit and a passport is required on the day of entry.  The reading room is large and crowded with students, and there is some delay in retrieving items from from the archive.