Lomnitz iR

A personal visit to Lomnitz in September 2000 revealed a picturesque village nestling alongside the Lomnitz river, with a German character that was well preserved.  There were signs of rejuvenation everywhere, no doubt encouraged by the opening of international borders to the west and the promise of tourism.  These pictures show Lomnitz as it stands today, with most of the old houses still alive and clearly numbered according to the original maps.  As a base for exploration there is no better place than the Schloss Lomnitz, the original dwelling of Lomnitz's first families.

Schloss Lomnitz, beautifully restored as a country hotel

The Lomnitz Schulhaus, home to generations of Reimann ancestors' children

The River Lomnitz at the north end of town

View of Lomnitz with the Falkenberge in the distance

lomnitz_church.jpg (9588 bytes)

The Lomnitz Catholic church, so helpful in keeping family history records

The railway bridge over the River Lomnitz in the centre of town