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Week of 9 April 1999

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Week of 9 April 1999

1. If you are into god, gangsters, greens, gays, geniuses, or jobs there's a (political) party for you in SA. Some of the 41 political parties registered for the election are:

The Super Party (SP) (whose leader Super Genie claims to manipulate mentally the rand exchange rate depending on his mood); The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) (which represents Cape Town's gangster community) ;The Government by the People Green Party (GPGP); New Earth Party (NEP); Simunye in Christ Organisation (Simunye); Justice and Freedom Alliance (JAFA); Africa Moral Party (AMP); God's People Party (GPP) ; Ximoko Party (XP); Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA); Socialist Party of Azania (SOPA); Regte Party / Right Party (RP); Merit Party (MP); Forum 2000 (F2000); Employment Movement of South Africa (EMSA); Sindawonye Progressive Party (SPP); Vukunzele Sekusile Party (VSP); Worker's International Vanguard League (WIVL); Keep it Straight and Simple Party (KISS).

2. The latest Markdata survey shows the ANC is likely to get 64.5% of the vote; the NNP 11%; the DP 8.9%; the UDM (United Democratic Movement) 3.8%; the PAC (Pan Africanist Congress) 1.9%; the FF (Freedom Front) 0.9%.

3. "(Alleged bank heister) Colin Chauke can vote but (SA cricket captain) Hansie Cronje can't," said the DP this week. The Constitutional Court decided that prisoners have the right to vote in the election. The NNP has brought an application to attempt to secure the right to vote of South Africans who will be abroad on June 2. The court has still to decide whether South Africans without bar-coded identity documents will be able to vote. The Independant Electoral Commission (IEC) says the election date "could come under pressure" if these matters are not resolved soon.

4. "I would be proud to be called a kaffir and I am certainly a kaffir of Africa, just like (Mpumulanga) premier Mathews Phosa," Moolman Mentz, FF member of the Mpumulanga legislature,said this week.

5. "I have made mistakes in my life in the past, but I have laid all my sins at the feet of God," Hard Livings gang leader Rashied Staggie said at the funeral of gang leader Glen Johnson yesterday. Staggie waved a bible and told those present not to seek revenge for Johnson's death. Staggie is now a 'born-again" Christian and has moved his family to Durban to escape the gang violence.

6. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee's Amnesty Committee denied amnesty to Clive Derby Lewis and Janusz Walus, convicted murderers of Communist Party leader Chris Hani. The committee also denied amnesty to a further 79 ANC leaders who had applied for blanket amnesty, including minister of justice Dullah Omar and minister of finance Trevor Manuel (27 ANC leaders had earlier been denied blanket amnesty).

7. Miss Privani Reddy, 1998 dux student of the Reservoir Hills Secondary School in Durban, who recieved six distinctions in her matric results, was denied admission to the University of Natal's first year medical school class this year because its quota of Indian students had already been met. She has taken the matter to the High Court. The Medical University of South Africa (Medunsa) has reportedly accepted students with an F-average over the last two years.

8. More women were raped in South Africa than people killed in road accidents over the Easter weekend.

9. The Economist magazine's "Big Mac" Index shows the rand is undervalued by 43%.

10. The ANC in Durban wants to rename Durban's Gardiner, Smith and West streets after Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela.

And believe it or not, it is still endless summer in SA.

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