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                                 P O Box 98

                                 Port Shepstone


                                 South Africa


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Phone : +27 39-6821195

Fax : +27 39-6821230



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Port Shepstone is the commercial & industrial hub of the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. A 3/4 hour drive to Durban to the North & 1/2 hour drive to the Wild Coast Casino to the South. Port Shepstone boasts beautiful sub tropical weather , lovely safe bathing beaches, within 1/2 an hours drive to 10 top class golf courses, private & provincial hospitals, very good private & government schools and very handy shopping malls. Plus the excitement of the annual "Sardine Run" & good fishing. Port Shepstone is soon to be transformed with a R500 million marina development - already in advanced planning stages. A good investment area.

Our Agents

Jimmy Hume 039-6951026 (h)  083-6277649 (cell)

Johann Perold 039-6950598 (h)

Fatima Amla 039-6820952 (h)  083-7860262 (cell)

Jean Matkovich 039-6950708 (h) 083-6355406 (cell)

Sonetta Van Zyl 039-6952895 (h) 082-3357383 (cell)

Diana Hodges 039-6951061 (h)

Penny Smith 039-6821260 (h)

Tig Howe 039-6950159 (h) 083-6307262 (cell)

Avril Naidoo 039-6821352 (h) 083-6268451 (cell)

Ralph Roach 039-6950267 (h) 082-8045624 (cell)

Tony Browne 039-6951177 (h) 083-6350236 (cell)

Cheryll Vernon 039-6951919 (h)

Flo Louw 039-6820827 (h)

Hopson Shezi 082-6910512 (cell)


E mail: To E mail our agents simply use the address and insert the agent's name under the subject heading.