Once again FCBD was a big success with almost double the number of people compared to last year's event !! This year many more publishers came onboard with a lot more free comics, so we had at least fifteen different issues available. These were gladly snapped up throughout the day. This years event was tied to the release of the X-Men 2 Movie, ensuring that the free Ultimate X-Men 1 was the most popular issue taken. We also gave away more than 80 X2 movie posters (to the early birds:) and had lucky draws for 40 X2 movie watches !(all supplied by Nu-Metro). Specials & discounts on many products was the order of the day, and this kept many regulars happy :)
We hosted the local comics collective, IGUBU. Their table was constantly swamped with fans picking up their newest publication, Igubu Zero #3 and the free copy of Igubu : ProjectX. The buzz these guys created really added to the vibe of the event !

We hope all of you who were here enjoyed yourselves & see you at FCBD2004 !!!

just before opening ... FREE COMICS !

sale tables outside the store

at the graphic novel shelves

lucky draw for the the X2 Movie watches

fans at the IGUBU table



Saturday 4 May, Free Comic Book Day, was celebrated in 29 countries with over 2 million comics given away by participating comic stores. We at Readers Den in Cape Town were the only store in South Africa to participate ! What also made this event unique was that for once, we in SA were part of an event taking place on the same day with people having access to the same free comics all over.

After months and weeks of planning the anticipation grew tremendously especially since it was timed to co-incide with the release of the Spider-Man movie. Besides the free comic offered to every one on the day we also ran many specials and discounts. We also had great support from the media in the form of a column in the local newspaper and a mention on the radio station. We also had TV coverage by a local TV station, to be aired at a later date. They spent most of the morning at the store covering the event - congratulations to all those customers interviewed !

The turnout of people, from old regulars to new faces, was beyond our expectations. Our store was filled with fans from opening to closing time ! The atmosphere and vibe was just plain memorable ! Considering that the comic speciallty market is so small in South Africa, we were glad to see a turn-out of a few hundred people for the day. What this indicates to us is that the the comic scene in Cape Town is in a very healthy state !

One of the most asked questions on the day was if this event will be held again next year. With reports starting to trickle in of a highly succesful day everywhere, the chances are very good that this event will be held again next year.

Thanx to all for your support !!!

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