Saturday was a blast !!!!!! Thanks to all of you who came &
congrats to all the winners of the lucky draws :)

FCBD was a great success ! We had 700 people through the door and an all-round festive atmosphere throughout the day. Reports are also coming in of a highly successful day all over the world !

We opened at 9am with a good crowd waiting to get in - the store was packed for most of the morning. We had a highly successful sales day due to all the specials and discounts on offer. (and glad so many of you took advantage of these specials). The lucky draw give-aways proved very popular, and we will try to keep this up for future FCBD's !

Henri Roberts (Venge) and Duanne Haylett (Edentia), the local comic creators, definitely added to the atmosphere of the day. We look forward to future offerings from them :)

Most people were happy with the wide selection and high quality of this years FCBD editions. Marvel’s Spider-Man issue was the hit of the day along with the other kid friendly issues (Teen Titans Go, Archie, Micky Mouse & Duel Masters). Most of our regulars seemed to prefer the IDW and Beckett offerings as well as the Image sampler.

This year, for the first time, we also partnered with a local Library (Grassy Park) who also reported on a successful FCBD ! We are happy to see comic books being recognised for its litaracy, educational & entertainment value.

We thank everybody who made the event possible and look forward to FCBD 2005 !