Our current product range includes the:

Welcome Home Collection - new
Classic Wilsonart Flooring - new
Oregon strip Flooring
Parquet flooring
Mini-plank hardwood - new


welcome home
classic wilsonart
Welome Home to the advantages of
laminate flooring at an afforadble price!
A sensible alternative to vinyl flooring,
and moderately priced Welcome Home
Collection offers:
It's a classic love story When we asked
people who live with the Classic Wilsonart Flooring
if they can buy it again, 98% of them said yes!
And why not? Classic Wilsonart Flooring is beautiful,
durable and easy to maintain. It also offers
8 popular woodgrain plank and natural
Direct pressure laminate construction.
10-year warranty (wear-stain-fade)
32 stunning woograin plank and natural
stone designs.
Premium high pressure laminate construction
with an enhanced water-resistant core.
High pressure wear layer - 10 times more durable
than laminate countertops!
16 year warranty
(wear-stain-fade and water damage)