Some pictures of Sebastian

All the pics were taken by Hillary using his new digital camera - bought for taking pictures of archaeological artefacts!

This was taken during lunch. Janette trying to persuade our little hero that food is for eating and not for playing with.
The problem with cameras is that they combine many features that just cry out for toddler investigation - they are covered in buttons, they're fragile, they're valuable, your parents tell you they're not toys...

And so taking Sebastian's picture is quite tricky as he is often running towards you in an attempt to get the camera...

Another favourite hobby is playing with water. Here some buckets in the garden at Stellies.
The cutest picture of them all! The blue eyes! The little teeth!
These buckets are just the right size - they must have been designed as toddler seats.
Playing with balls is also a favourite.
Cutlery still gives Sebastian some trouble, at least when used on food, when used as a toy he has no problems...

Note: you should be able to click on each picture to get the full size version, the ones above are just samples - known in the jargon as "thumbnails".